The Last Of 2021

Wow, what a whirlwind 2021 has been and I am sure you are just as shocked as we are to know that it’s almost over. As silly season approaches we like to take time out to reflect on the year that has past and all that we have been through and trust everyone has been through the most this year.

You know that saying you must grow yourself to know yourself well reflection helps that and we thought what better way to end off the year on the right note then to reflect using these tips:

1. Reflection helps us to learn

No one actually realizes how powerful daily reflection can be to help you stay invested in the things that are important to you. The same with annual reflection but of course at a larger scale.

This type of reflection helps you learn about yourself and what you are capable of. It gives you tools to analyze things that happened, how you reacted and what if anything, you might change in the future.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves each year is the space to look back and appreciate our experiences, good or bad and learn from them.

2. Look back through the calendar year

We know many people plan their entire lives in their calendar. So, it’s the best place to find most of the things you did, people you met and places you’ve been.

From here you can take note of past events you attended and if there were any notable outcomes, people you met and what the relationships are now, personal commitments and connections and of course the most important self-care time.

3. Make some lists

Write lists of major life events that happened over the year, notable challenges or mistakes that you made and of course the major successes.

4. Lastly, evaluate

Take time out to evaluate why each of these events were relevant to you and what, if anything you learnt from them. Learning through this reflection process helps you appreciate the wide spectrum of experiences you have had, both positive and negative.

Without looking back and reflecting its often easy to make the same mistakes again. With reflection comes self-awareness and self-improvement which is vital for a new year new me!

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We hope that you have the most incredible end to your 2021 rubies. Stay safe and we will catch up again in the New Year.

Happy Holidays from our rubybox family to yours!

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112 thoughts on “The Last Of 2021

    • cnontobeko727 says:

      I am so stocked because I have just won a a superbalist voucher from you guys 😭💃🥺thank you so much for this honestly, and Wow even though I haven’t been here for a long time but it’s been amazing to learn so much and thank you for all the helpful articles and awesome giveaways may December be a great month and looking forward to 2022😊😊 #Rubybox

    • naidoocookie688 says:

      #Happy December. #Rubybox Nothing is more important than the passage of time and whether we like it or not the choices that we make governs and impacts on our future, having said this one has to always be optimistic,look on the brighter side of life,make choices that impacts positively on our future,be wise in spending ,live low on debts that causes unnecessary worry and lead to stress.Be the beautiful you,a woman of valor,wear your womanhood with your head held high,stay focused,2021 has had its challenges,the covid epidemic but thank God for Ruby box that takes our mind to a new adventure, fragrances that booster your morale,takes womanhood to a new level leaves us aspiring to inspire leaving a memory that lingers

  1. Michelle Milne says:

    Welcome December, woza Jolly holidays, Birthday month. Thanks for an amazing magazine and for all the advise given throughout the year. To all the ladies, have a safe and blessed festive season. Until 2022 Love Ya all.

  2. natashastewart2014 says:

    Sjoe 2021 has Definately been a whirlwind but has passed so quick. Reflection in general what a brilliant tip. A Big Congratulations to the winners you must be so stoked☺ Thank you Rubybox team for all your work and Super Awesome content I have thoroughly enjoyed reading & participating 💝 May you all have a most Blessed Holiday period with your family and friends🎄 😇 Stay Safe 😇 Looking forward to 2022🎉🎊🎀🎈#rise up beautiful you

  3. Lerato Moyo says:

    Happy Dezember ladies. It’s been amazing doing 2021 with you on this platform. Thanks for sharing your advices, stories and reviews. Hopefully next year we can meet up at another all white event(fat chance but one can hope)

    To Ruby thanks for trusting us with the products you gave us a chance to review. Thank you for the wonderful, insightful and encouraging articles you have shared.

    To many more years of RISING UP BEAUTIFUL YOUS….🥂(Bernini in glass of course)

  4. Sleekayone says:

    2021 mhmm wasn’t a good year for me financially,but hello December happy holidays to all rubies. New year I’m ready for you I’ve reflected on what I could’ve done in the year that I failed at and have made a list of what I will do in 2022 to make up for lost time I’m ready the year ahead is mine

  5. Jolene says:

    Hello December 🙂 Oh wow! I can’t believe 2021 is almost ending. This year I had highs and lows. I take it all as it comes. I am blessed. I can’t complain. I am alive and well. I am Thankful to God for bringing me this far.

    • marikonisaho says:

      Happy to close off this year, although i didn’t smash all my goals as initially planned i am glad that i got to tick off some off the list. I now make better financial and health decisions and i cant wait to make a proper review of the year.

  6. Helena de Swardt says:

    Save money but buy wise….with little you can achieve big dreams…its the little things in live that counts..make your own presents with love and the receivers will feel the love in the gift.