The future of makeup

Picture this, you’re browsing the latest red carpet pics and suddenly you spot it, that perfect cool-toned, fuchsia-pink lip colour you’ve been searching for, like forever. Except, it’s not on Emma Stone’s lips, it’s the colour of the dress she’s wearing, but you know it would totally work as a lipstick.

What if you could capture that colour (or any colour for that matter), print it and hey presto out pops a lipstick? In Harvard graduate Grace Choi’s world, this is a reality thanks to her genius invention called the Mink, a 3D desktop printer that can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable colour cosmetic!

Essentially, you spot a colour you love, capture the shade in a programme like Photoshop, press print and select whether you want it as an eyeshadow mono, lipstick or blusher (these raw materials will all be housed in the printer) and out pops your latest cosmetic.

Currently, the Mink is still a prototype, which is set to retail at $300 (approx. R3000) and although the prices of the ink and raw materials aren’t available yet, we totally think Grace Choi is on to something big. What would you want to print first? Your own eyeshadow? Or what about a blusher? The options are endless.