South African beauty brands making us proud

Mother Nature has a cure for almost everything, which is why so many brands have created natural beauty ranges. At rubybox we’re  ‘Proudly South African’ so we’ve created a list of the best SA has to offer in natural beauty.


The Lipidol range, simple yet affective, is an oil-based skincare range, which uses oils to cleanse and moisturize your face and body. The ingredients are home grown in South Africa, and  the color of the oils are not influenced by artificial colorants, they are colored because of the natural ingredients used and the stimulating smells is because of the pure essential oils used.Without any big branding the products are packaged in a unique bottle.


Africology’s success has gone well beyond South Africa’s borders and the brand is now available across the World, including Belgium, France, UK, USA, Turkey and Scandinavia. They offer a luxury, natural and eco-friendly product range, fragranced with only pure essential oils and manufactured to the highest standard. All Africology products uplift the mind and body in a positive therapeutic way and are used in the holistic Africology spa treatments, which are influenced by traditional African wisdom and Reiki techniques.


Esse is a cutting edge range of certified raw and organic beauty products.  The indigenous plants of Africa are sustainably harvested from the wild by communities and processed into high-end active ingredients. The equitable trade in natural products has raised the standard of living of tens of thousands of people. Esse aim to create an environment on the skin that favours the growth of beneficial microbes so that they can out-compete pro-ageing species. All products are vegan and cruelty free.

Wild Olive

Wild Olive began in 1997 in Cape Town with their founding philosophy of using classic manufacturing methods and artisanal processes, while always respecting the natural, fine materials used in these formulations. To this day they retain the purest possible process – sourcing, creating and packaging every single product themselves. All of Wild Olive staff comes from an area in the Transkei – every one of them schooled for years in their artisanal process. In 2010 Wild Olive founded the Imizamo Yethu Crafters Educational Project in an effort to contribute to the education and skills improvement in South Africa. All products are certified 100% organic.

Oh Lief!

Founded in 2010 by sisters Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan. Growing up in a household where green and organic were valued principles they set out to develop a new range of natural baby and body products, based on old family recipes.The result was Oh-lief’s complete range of Natural Body products, made from 100% natural and organic, raw ingredients, sourced locally.Using a base of organic olive oil and beeswax, this is combined with the natural properties of a number of other organic ingredients to form a complete range of products that is ideal for all skin types.

Rain Africa

The heart and soul of the Rain Africa range are the indigenous plants traditionally used by African healers. With extracts and oils from Mongongo nuts, Mafura seed, Kalahari melons and Marula fruit the products are full of nutrients, antioxidants and moisture to replenish your skin. The ingredients are harvested in the wild by local women and blended with other natural ingredients, all resulting in luxurious bath and body treats. All products are nature friendly and cruelty free.