Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

Most types of tea and coffee contain caffeine. Caffeine being a substance that may boost your mood, metabolism as well as your mental and physical performance.

According to studies caffeine is safe for most people when consumed in low-to-moderate amounts. However high doses of caffeine may cause unpleasant and harmful side effects.

Take a look at the side effects below and see if you are having too much caffeine.

Anxiety –

Caffeine is known to increase alertness. It blocks out the chemical adenosine which makes you tired. While blocking out the chemical adenosine it triggers the release of adrenaline.

Insomnia –

One of the most common characteristics of caffeine is the ability it has to keep people awake. With this being said too much caffeine will leave you looking at the ceiling all night long.

Digestive Issues –

Many people find that a cup of coffee first thing in the morning helps with bowl movements. Coffee contains the hormone gastrin which acts as a laxative. Therefore you will often find that heavy coffee drinkers my experience diarrhoea.

Since coffee can have a major effect on your digestive functions, you should probably cut back on it if you are a coffee addict, and swop it out for tea instead.

Addiction – 

There is no denying that caffeine can become a habit which can turn into an addiction.

It is said that caffeine triggers certain chemicals in our brain in a way similar to the way cocaine does. Bare in mind it does not cause an addiction the way drugs do but many believe that for example they cannot start their day until they have had a cuppa – this is a form of dependence in turn known as addiction.

Fatigue – 

Caffeine is known to boost energy levels. But with the good always comes the bad. Once the caffeine leaves your system it has the opposite effect and leads to fatigue.

In order to rebound the reverse effect you can keep on drink caffeine throughout the day, but then you will certainly be unable to sleep at night.

Therefore light-to-moderate caffeine intake seems to provide impressive health benefits but if you over do it, it will interfere with your day-to-day living which in turn can effect your health.

To understand if you are addicted to caffeine, monitor your sleeping patterns and your energy levels and reduce the intake if need be.


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