rubybox mission statement


At rubybox our mission statement is to help rubies discover their individuality, their potential, their power, their beauty, their joy.

The only thing you need to achieve anything you want is something you already have. YOU. Extraordinary YOU. Beautiful YOU.

We want each of our rubies to know that when you learn to love yourself and you know that you are a strong, beautiful, unique, courageous and ambitious woman – there is nothing that can stop YOU.


At rubybox HQ each one of us are passionate about our mission statement towards our rubies and we drive this passion through everything we do.

From matching our rubies to their โ€˜new favorite productโ€™, to finding enriching and valuable content, to putting together inspiring events – and in turn we โ€˜rise ourselves by lifting othersโ€™.




  1. Be kind to ourselves and to one another.
  2. Inspire our rubies in all fields of their life by connecting them not only to each other for advice and tips, but through live events with women who excel in their fields and who are passionate about encouraging others.
  3. Keep our community of rubies up to date with daily content which is informative and interesting. This ranges from personal development to make-up tips to health and wellness.
  4. Offer personalised products to profiled members to test in exchange for a review, in return we introduce our rubies to beneficial products which they may not have tried otherwise.
  5. Empower small, female run start-ups in the beauty, skin, hair and health industry and give them a helping hand on their way up.
  6. Ensure that our rubybox mission statement is embedded in every decision we make and in everything we do.


rubybox mission statement


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We hope to see you soon within our rubybox community so that we can be with you on your journey towards being your best self. Your most extraordinary, beautiful self.


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