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Hi rubies,

What have you been doing about dating during the pandemic? I think one of the things this pandemic has brought to my attention is how hard it is to date or find a potential someone when you aren’t able to go out and socialize.

I never thought I would be the one to possibly consider dating apps but what else can we do during a time like this. There is so much unknown with dating apps but many have said it’s the only way to get to know people these days. The only two I am familiar with are Tinder and Hinge but I know there are lots more out there.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on dating apps? Have they worked for you and if they have – what dating app were you using? We’d love to hear if there is hope at finding Mister Right on a dating app – are any of you still with the men you met on a dating app?

Comment below and share your stories, thoughts and opinions with us. I know I’m very much on the fence about dating apps but you won’t know till you try right?

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18 thoughts on “rubies talk: Dating Apps

  1. Noxolo Mkhize says:

    Met my now fiance on a dating app in 2017, we now have a 1year old boy and our love is still strong😍. The name of a dating app is I guess it depends on what you actually want but also there are lot of shady people in these sites and one have to be very careful. I’m grateful I met my match.