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Hi rubies,

What have you been doing about dating during the pandemic? I think one of the things this pandemic has brought to my attention is how hard it is to date or find a potential someone when you aren’t able to go out and socialize.

I never thought I would be the one to possibly consider dating apps but what else can we do during a time like this. There is so much unknown with dating apps but many have said it’s the only way to get to know people these days. The only two I am familiar with are Tinder and Hinge but I know there are lots more out there.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on dating apps? Have they worked for you and if they have – what dating app were you using? We’d love to hear if there is hope at finding Mister Right on a dating app – are any of you still with the men you met on a dating app?

Comment below and share your stories, thoughts and opinions with us. I know I’m very much on the fence about dating apps but you won’t know till you try right?

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18 thoughts on “rubies talk: Dating Apps

  1. Karen Gamu M. says:

    Seems too risky for me some of my colleagues even created a profile for me on one app but i immediately deleted it. I do not trust it as it does not protect my safety from people with bad intentions from the stories i hear.

  2. Kay J. says:

    Lol if there’s any funny story I have to tell about this lockdown period, it’s DATING APPS!

    I’ve been on tinder since the beginning of 2020 as I was about to travel and a friend of mine suggested that I start an account to make friends where my destinations were. Lockdown then happened and I deleted the app. A sum of 2 months probably went by and I went back on the app (out of curiosity) saw many of my friends on the app too – we’re all lonely out here I guess 😂 made a few matches but none of them were actually lit enough to spark the smoke. Deleted the app again. Eventually went back on the app a month later. Made a few matches again, one being a really HANDSOME fella that used to dance at the same studio as mine back in the day! We postponed both our dinner dates. I then met up with one of my matches in the beginning of January. His from Europe. A real gentleman. But he still wasn’t IT. If there’s one thing I know, it’s not to settle with what’s not for you.

    Fast forward, the guy that I had the postponed dinner dates with? Yeah, we’re hiking this weekend 😂💪 Cheers to adventure lol!

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk 😅

  3. Nokuthula M. says:

    I have tried dating apps… yip plural. All I am saying is that I am never doing that again because honestly the people on there really have hidden agendas, aren’t looking for anything beyond sex and situationships. Geez it’s rough and such a tedious process… I’ve met some real shady characters 🙅🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😂🤐.

    I hear some people are lucky but I haven’t been….

  4. Dikeledi O. says:

    My ex was using a dating app to hook up with other woman, that’s how I got introduced to the dating app world over 10years ago. I signed up and cat-fished him. After he found out I cat-fished him, we broke up. It’s not all bad as this has led me to meeting my husband. We’ve been together for 11years met on that very app.

  5. Zenande T. says:

    I am very scare dof these dating app. My sister uses them all the time and always find good looking Men but for me I can’t. I think I really need to get a life because being single is boring am telling you. Ladies hook a girl up🤣🤣🤣

  6. Lubelihle S. says:

    I’ve tried the tinder app. And my first meeting with the guy he got hijacked outside my place. Am never doing a dating app again. This happened last eek. Upon calling his work to tell them about what happened and to find out if he came to work since the hijackers took him. I found out his married. Am still in shock, scared to go outside. I swore to never again join a dating app

  7. Megan M. says:

    I personally have never tried a dating app however I have personally witnessed somebody using where they firstly put you through a personality test to better match you with suitable candidates.

    She ended going on a blind date with one of the guys after two months and to her dismay he was not who he said he was didn’t sound anything like he did on the phone and he left her to pay the bill and then borrowed R50 to catch a cab back home it was a total disaster.

    I would personally do the group dating things we you get x amount of time with a person before you switch and move on to the next that way you really know this is the person your gona see and you can ask them questions and see their reactions or the way they respond in the flesh. These are things you really cant tell whilst chatting online or over the phone even.

  8. Thobeka N. says:

    Never tried a dating app. But I’d really love to hear about those who have and just maybe just maybe I’ll not be as freaked out about dating apps as I am right now.