rubies talk: “2020”

Welcome to our third edition of #rubiestalk – thank you to all the rubies who took part in our second edition, “rubies talk: diets & healthy eating” which you can find here. Our topic for this week is rubies talk: 2020

We want to hear how things are going with you with regards to all things 2020. We can’t believe this year is nearly over and I don’t know about you but it feels like we haven’t accomplished half as much as we should have this year, so much for twenty plenty.

We think this year gave us all quite a big shock to our systems and we want to know how you guys are coping in terms of motivation, health, and what this year taught you?

Let us know if you have any tips, tricks, or coping mechanisms that you have used to help handle probably the most confusing and disruptive year of all our lives. Rant away rubies this is a safe space and trust me we all feel you on one or another level.

Comment below with any feedback, questions, or advice and respond to another rubies comment if you connect with it or if you have some advice. (*Click here to give topic suggestions or feedback on our #rubiestalk initiative)

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23 thoughts on “rubies talk: “2020”

  1. sngwetsheni says:

    This year has been a very challenging year to the extent that I lost one of my colleagues who was a friend to me. I have been struggling to come to terms with the fact that life has made a drastic turn,but I told myself that you only live once,and have to live life to the fullest though we are taking precautions and trying to stay learning to always stay strong and keep on living and protecting myself and those around me and my loved ones

  2. omolemo lesejane says:

    This year has taught me to be patient with myself, it taught me not to be too hard on myself and sometimes just allow things to work out the way they are supposed to, it’s not an easy thing but its something have had to learn.
    With everything overwhelming us sometimes we just need to take a breather and but be still.

  3. Lynda Bello says:

    This year has really been tough,I could remember when we first entered this year ,I set my goal for this year but unfortunately none was done but I thank God for keeping me alive looking forward for a better and healthy 2021 thanks ruby for this platform

  4. Nokwanda Shazi says:

    This year has been a massive time for growth and to appreciate the little you have become some people have nothing at all. It taught me a lot of patience.

  5. Ayanda Seyama says:

    2020 has taught me to be stronger and limit the things I use in order to survive but mostly the family values because no matter what happens the family will always be there

  6. sithabile8 says:

    I have learned that the greatest gift a parent can give to his/her children is time.
    I have embraced this and have seen a great attitude change with my children.
    Very grateful to have them.