rubies talk: “2020”

Welcome to our third edition of #rubiestalk – thank you to all the rubies who took part in our second edition, “rubies talk: diets & healthy eating” which you can find here. Our topic for this week is rubies talk: 2020

We want to hear how things are going with you with regards to all things 2020. We can’t believe this year is nearly over and I don’t know about you but it feels like we haven’t accomplished half as much as we should have this year, so much for twenty plenty.

We think this year gave us all quite a big shock to our systems and we want to know how you guys are coping in terms of motivation, health, and what this year taught you?

Let us know if you have any tips, tricks, or coping mechanisms that you have used to help handle probably the most confusing and disruptive year of all our lives. Rant away rubies this is a safe space and trust me we all feel you on one or another level.

Comment below with any feedback, questions, or advice and respond to another rubies comment if you connect with it or if you have some advice. (*Click here to give topic suggestions or feedback on our #rubiestalk initiative)

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23 thoughts on “rubies talk: “2020”

  1. Nonkululeko H. says:

    #rubiestalk, thank you ruby for this platform, we most of the time take such very likely, simply because we don’t pay attention, only to find once you give yourself time to read, you relate and feel at ease, my 2020 has been sweet and sour, the change, the jobs lost, the lives of our loved ones, the impact Corona virus has in one’s body once stested positive, the medical issues it brings, it’s bees so painful, and I have experienced it all, but through it all, we choose life and move forward, taking one day at a time and never stop believing in one’s self, that what drives me, I’m capable, I’m worthy and I will no matter what have a positive ending, I’m even struggling with weight gained 😢 and stretchmarks but not giving up, I have started gym and also surround myself with positive thinkers, and it gets better every day, so my advise will be carry on living, one day at a time😘💐

      • Nani M. says:

        #rubytalk 2020. I have learned never to take life for granted. I felt like my life was coming to an end when i received a call from my sister about my mother’s passing. It been 3 months now but to me it feels like yesterday. The support, the love and words of comfort from family and friends came in handy. Thank ruby, the pain is getting better by the day.

  2. Nelisa L. says:

    I have learnt a lot about myself in 2020. We also tend to forget connection with our friends and families, and get lost in the rush and busyness of the city, so 2020 took me back to balance. My well-being is very important and I’ve now made a promise to never take family for granted, as they’re my support system.

    • Sebenzile N. says:

      #rubytalk 2020 has been a rough and tough year for me. Family is very important in my life and also I should learn to take good care of myself and don’t stress much about finances as my siblings were too much affected during this pandemic so had to stress about everything what are they going to eat, rent and so forth that it was straining me a lot that sometimes I can’t afford to provide enough for them since I also have my own family to take of. So I learnt that in future I should take care of my health and don’t take things into heart as it will affect my health. Otherwise life is good # rubytalk thank you

  3. Baphiwe M. says:

    2020 has been the roller coaster to shake the ground under my feet. In all honesty I have had to “put on y big girl Panties” and understand that this year has happened to everyone in different forms, shapes and sizes. However I have also learnt that it’s okay to not be okay. Sometimes you just have to ride the emotions then pick yourself up again. I Der use has been a huge part of my life since 2020 and during this year, I have found it to be the real endorphins booster. This has forced me to break away from My own headspace and allow me to think of something else rather than my feelings. The break away has not only been for my emotions but from all aspects o my life. I feel incredible afterwards, my family receives the better version of me and I feel the need not to sweat the small stuff. (Excuse the pun).

  4. Nonceba R. says:

    This was quiet hard for me being unemployed and being a single parent. I had to find different ways of having a bit of income to be able to take care of my son and daughter. This holiday is going to be the hardest for us but I trust that somehow things would work out.

  5. LJ W. says:

    To appreciate what (& who) I have
    To appreciate my ‘tribe/circle’
    Rather to look at what I do have & NOT what I don’t have or what I want To count my Blessings everyday x

  6. makhosi z. says:

    2020 was a worst year in life i got short time at work things wasnt good for me can’t wait to get rid of this year and start afresh next year by i was lucky to stay with my family after a very long time that only thing was good for me #rubiestalk “2020”

  7. Raesetša M. says:

    2020 taught me that we actually don’t need a lot to survive. For the first time before I go out to get something or purchase I got to think: is it worth it? Is it a need or a want? Can we survive without it? In other words I got to introspection my spending and now know what is a need or a want

  8. Zelda F. says:

    2020 has been one crazy year, I was at least fortunate to work from home (still working from home), but with a partner who just started a business this was hard and stressful,but we have each other, and motivated and supported each other through this. This year took me back to basics from, budgeting and, slowing down and spending time with my family (indoors instead of outdoors) , and self love and self care. #rubiestalk

    • Zee B. says:

      This year has been one stress full and challenging year. Working from home during lockdown. Having to home school my daughter that is a grade 10 learner. Back to the office in July. Traveling to work is terrifying. Keep my social distance from people. The support of family and friends. Creating indoor games for my family by not going out. I pray we will over come this global virus.

      • Gloria M. says:

        This year has been really hard for almost everyone, it has thought that life is too short and we enjoy it while we still can. We must give our God thank for protecting us from this pandemic couse some of us has lost their loved one’s and families atlist we still here and sharing this amazing experience with Rubybox and the Rubies. Hope that 2021 is bringing more good memories and laughter. Thank u😊

        • Maleshoane S. says:

          2020 tought me that life is too short I must make more provisions for my loved ones especially my children even myself because we don’t know what tomorrow has for us.
          Save save and save money that’s all what I can say and preach to my friends and family.