Relationship Red Flags

Not sure if your relationship is unhealthy?

No need to worry we have the answers for you.

Do keep in mind every couple goes through ups and downs but there is a vast difference between coping with a couple of ups and downs and being stuck in a toxic relationship.

Many people tend to stay in toxic relationships as they become comfortable, because ultimately change is hard. Sometimes it is easier to continue in denial than to move on and under go change.

If you are in denial and not too sure how to go about it, here are some read flags you should not ignore.

You fight all the time –

Lets be honest every couple fights, it is merely impossible for anyone to always agree on everything. Disagreeing is totally normal. But keep in mind you shouldn’t feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster all the time.

If your arguments are always intense leading to horrible words and actions, this is a cause for concern. Therefore if you find your relationship goes from zero to 100 or from being fine to a complete screaming match, this is a major red flag and a clear signal to get out.

Complete lack of trust – 

Trust forms the foundation of any relationship. If trust is broken it is often not fixable. If you are experiencing a lack of trust in your relationship and both want to make things right, the person who broke the trust needs to take accountability as well as give up some privacy until trust is repaired.

Not a lot of affection happening – 

Touch is the building block on intimacy in a relationship. The true indicator of a healthy relationship if not how often your partner touches you, but how often they touch you in response to your touch.

So make an effort and up the touching outside of the bedroom as well. For example, acknowledge your partner when he or she comes home from work, by giving them a kiss and asking them about their day.

Your partner is a narcissist – 

When you are dating a narcissist, they only worry about themselves. They will try and manipulate or guilt trip you into meeting their needs without ever taking yours into consideration.

Narcissist mostly talk about themselves and are not responsive to what is going on in your life, this is a major red flag – get out now while you can!

Complete lack of interest – 

You go out for dinner but you sit on your phones. You do not share any of the same hobbies or interests. Well if this sounds awfully familiar you need to either do something about this by communicating better with each other, or if that does not resolve the issue you merely may have fallen out of love with one another, this is sad but it happens.

One of you is filled with jealousy – 

This can appear when you are always having to let your partner know where you are and who you are with. Some people who have jealous partners actually find it easier to lie to avoid an argument or you choose to stop having a social life to avoid any conflict all together. In either of these predicaments it is a clear sign that things aren’t working out.