Profiling: How We Select Members To Receive Free Products


As a rubybox member you have the opportunity to test and review products which fit your beauty profile and which you have never tried before. This allows us to introduce rubies to their favourite product, it also allows you as a rubybox member, to share your review and opinion for other woman to read.

We often have rubies asking ‘how do I get a product’ or ‘I never get sent products’, and today we are going to let you know exactly how we select the members who receive products.

In order to take part you need to join rubybox or already be a member – BUT when you join there is no guarantee if and when you will receive products to test & review. There is a process in which we carefully select and send out products to rubies so that they can test & review.

The most important thing to us is matching rubies perfectly to the test & review products, so that they can benefit from results that they otherwise would not have had due to using a new product.


The first step is viewing the beauty profiles on rubybox. We sort and remove any members who match ANY or ALL of the below:

  • Incomplete address in your profile address book (Both ‘Delivery Default’ AND ‘Shipping Default’ need to be filled in)
  • If your beauty profile is incomplete or not filled in
  • If your delivery address is a P.O Box (Our couriers only deliver door-to-door)
  • If you are unsubscribed to receive emails from us in your newsletter preference


We then search the remaining beauty profiles to see who matches the product which is up for test and review. This profiled group is then sent an email with a link to an opt-in-survey so that we can ask a few more detailed questions to make sure they 100% match the product.


This survey normal stays open between 1 and 2 weeks. Once closed we export the entries and filter all the rubies who then 100% match the product. This group then goes through one last check via the below filters:

  • Members with multiple profiles (Yes, unfortunately we have some greedy members with 5 profiles – we see you and we will not send to you)
  • Members who have left any survey questions unanswered
  • Members who have not referred friends emails (if it is a sharing campaign)
  • Members who nominate themselves by putting their own email down as a nominated friend
  • Members who use duplicate emails as nominated friends
  • Members who nominate men for a female product
  • Members who have previously been sent products to test but they did not review the product after testing


The group that matches the product 100% and does not match any of the above ‘red flags’ then these members could be selected to be part of the final test & review group.

And that’s how we do it rubies.


Please see below for Frequently asked Questions, if the answer to your question is not below please pop us an email on [email protected] and we will assist.

We love to hear from you so if you have any feedback suggestions please drop us a mail.



“I always email and never get a reply”

When we are running multiple campaigns at once we do a very high number of send outs weekly so there is naturally a higher level of members emails us – please do keep this in mind and be patient while we work extra hard (as well as longer hours) to get to your query as quickly as we can – and rubies – remember that there is another person on the other end of the emails so please refrain from swearing and being rude – we’re only trying to assist with the FREE product which is on the way to you 😉

“I joined but I have never received any products?”

Joining is the first step. Once your beauty profile and delivery details are both filled in – you will be one step closer to receiving free products to test & review.

“Do you only send to bloggers?”

No. In every test & review campaign we send to a very small amount of bloggers and the majority goes to rubybox members. The reason you see bloggers with images is that they post more frequently online and on social media.

“I have been a member for quite a while and I have never received a product to test?”

Joining rubybox does not guarantee you a product. We get a a large number of entries on each opt-in survey and we always try to involve as many members as we can. There are always new campaigns launching weekly. Don’t give up, and please be patient. Your turn will come.

“I was selected for a product but it got lost with the courier/damaged when it arrived”

This does not often happen but it is possible. In a case like this we will try and send a new pack if there is product left, otherwise no replacement pack can be sent due to all the costs being incurred by rubybox, and the member being sent an item for free.

“How much does it cost to join?”

No cost. To join rubybox and create a beauty profile it is totally free of charge.

“How much do I pay to get the products to review?”

There is no cost involved if you are matched and selected to test & review a product.

“I don’t have 9 friends to share with – now what?”

Not all of our campaigns are sharing campaigns, there are test & review products where we only send 1 product to the member. There are different size sharing campaigns. Some only require to share with 1 friend, while others could be 4 or 9 friends. We will mention this before you get to the opt-in survey to avoid to taking the survey and not having 9 emails to fill in.”


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