Break the Plastic Use

Plastic free hacks that’ll help save the planet

If anything, 2020 has really put things into perspective and made us all realize we have absolutely no control of the environment we live in. We are completely and utterly in the hands of Mother Nature and what she decides goes. There are, however, ways we can help in limiting our impact on this beautiful Earth we live in by being more mindful of what we do in our day to day habits.

And yes, we are talking about plastic use and how we can try to reduce this. We know it’s a tough nut to crack because almost everything is packaged in plastic but with just a small conscious effort we can definitely try to limit it. Plus what a better time to start forming new habits than right now when COVID-19 has us limited in things we can and cannot do right now anyway?

20 Easy Go Green Habits to Develop

  1. Carry a reusable water bottle (it’ll become your new best friend and is a constant reminder to get those 2Liters a day in)
  2. Bring your own reusable coffee cup
  3. Pack your own lunch and use reusable lunch bags
  4. Shop in bulk – bring your own containers to store dry foods in like rice and pasta (Nude Foods in Cape Town is great for this)
  5. Bring your own produce bags – some stores like Pick n Pay and Woolworths give you the opportunity to purchase material produce bags instore to limit plastic use
  6. Reusable shopping bags – always leave at least 5 of these bags in your car so you can use them whenever you need them
  7. Store your potatoes and onions in a dark place
  8. Use washable cloth napkins
  9. Opt for refillable household products
  10. Reuse glass jars for storage – from portions of pasta to sauces
  11. Freeze food in stainless steel containers
  12. Try reusing your plastic containers – otherwise, these just end up in landfills
  13. Cover your leftovers with cloth, in a plastic reusable Tupperware or with another plate (great reusable food wraps are beeswax wraps and cloth wraps)
  14. Buy loose tea leaves instead of tea bags
  15. Carrying your own cutlery and reusable straws in your handbag especially useful for quick eats

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rubies will any of you attempt to limit your plastic waste by implementing any of these 15 zero-waste hacks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Plastic free hacks that’ll help save the planet

  1. Dimpho H. says:

    These are seriously awesome tips, they work because my Mom already uses most of these tips and it’s nice to actually see my family is environmentally conscious, which makes me so proud

  2. Chloe L. says:

    I am proud to say I do most of these! I’ve never made tea using the leaves and not buying a tea bag. Sounds like it could actually before fun when having guests over for tea and cake.