Only THREE MONTHS left of 2020

Where has this year gone? SERIOUSLY do any of you feel like we have been in a constant time-lapse for the past 6 months. I guess 2020 is one of those years that puts everything in perspective.

Seasonal changes almost always get us in a slump, so if you are feeling like us at the moment with all the uncertainties of the dreaded Rona still looming, don’t sweat it. We are here for you and know the perfect way you can get unstuck in your life.

10 Ways to GET UNSTUCK in your LIFE

  1. Get unstuck by changing up your song playlist
  2. Start a new planner
  3. Try adopting new habits
  4. Get unstuck by starting a side hustle
  5. Get unstuck by going on a trip (even if it’s just a small one)
  6. Change your hairstyle or hair colour
  7. Find a new form of exercise that you love
  8. Change up your nutrition
  9. Try becoming a morning person and get up earlier
  10. Practicing yoga and meditation

(source: www.shinesheets.com)

In the spirit of getting unstuck in our lives. Let us know in the comments section what you do to lift yourself up when you are stuck in a slump. ALSO, on that note don’t forget to tag us and #rubygems. We love sharing all our gorgeous rubies on our rubygems wall on our website.

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That’s it from us, for now, rubies, you have yourself a fab-YOU-lous month and chat soon.

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62 thoughts on “Only THREE MONTHS left of 2020

  1. ndongubs says:

    Get unstuck by starting a side hustle
    🥰 💃🏽💃🏽yeeeeah that’s me!!! 🥳
    I have starting a small business and wow the support I’m getting from my clients is amazing 👏🏽🙌🏽

  2. mbeleirene355 says:

    Am learning a new way to live and thank you for the tips! I have never selected to try anything but I love #rubybox and will keep on and looking forward to be selected. Recently practicing Yoga and being a morning person. I cannot wait to try an anti aging product and stretchmark & scaring oils. Looking forward to try the beverage hahaha. #rubybox. Xxx

  3. Jolene Solomons says:

    Hi Rubybox 🤗
    When I’m in a slump or feeling down, listening to music always lifts up my soul. I love reading and have just started meditating. I’ve learned to let go of things and people that aren’t bringing me peace and I’m know focusing more on myself & loving myself more. Self love is selfish, it’s necessary to grow. I’m content. 🙏🏻 #rubybox #rubygems

  4. thandohnngubeni says:

    Hoping I get chosen I’ve been waiting for #rubybox to choose me for once, even though I couldn’t upload a before picture due to space but I am praying and hoping I get chosen🙏

  5. zakhonafandas says:

    I’ve starting gyming 5 times a week, I used to gym whenever I could which was like twice in 2 weeks sometimes only twice in a whole month. I’m feeling much lighter, happier and I love my new tonned body especially my thighs and booty

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