ON THE RISE: All about KARE For Women South Africa

KARE For Women was began with two women in South Africa, trying to make a change for women when they feel helpless and distressed. My name is Kirsty Davids and my cousin and I started this initiative to help women, children and marginalised communities in any way we can.

We started in August of 2020, it was during a really difficult time for all women as the rate of gender-based violence spiked due to lockdown. My cousin, Rebecca, and I decided to do what we can to spread awareness and help women and children in need. Our first thought was to create care packages. This is where we began but needed the communities help for donations. We then took to social media as it is the best platform for awareness. We could post about our care packages as well as ways to help women and marginalised communities.

We’ve had two successful care package drives so far as well as an amazing Instagram account (@kareforwomen) to offer all the support we can to those who need it.

For the month of August, we have partnered up with a friend (@heyalyx_) as it is her birthday month as well. We are collecting sanitary pads for the entire month as well as monetary donations via BackABuddy for those who are not based in Cape Town. In order to donate sanitary products, one can reach out to Kirsty or Alyx to set up a collection.

We look forward to your help and thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

Our ON THE RISE series is a series that steps from our core purpose of #RiseUpBeautifulYou! The ON THE RISE SERIES focuses on all things “uplifting women” and celebrating things women do or things that are done for women. Who knows, maybe your special project may feature in our next article.😁

Be on the lookout rubies🥰

Please don’t forget to help if you can. Have a lovely week further rubies xx





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