[Newsletter] You’re a GIRL BOSS, and don’t you forget it! 💋

Don’t give up, don’t take anything too personally, and don’t take no for an answer. – Sophia Amorugo

With only 5 months left of 2022, you might feel a little lost or despondent. This year has flown by and sometimes what we planned to accomplish and what we end up accomplishing are two different things and that’s okay.

This month is also women’s month so we are here to remind you if you need a reminder that who run the world? GIRLS! Yes, adulthood gets a little scary and intense sometimes and yes, we can get lost along the way while we are trying to mature, stay motivated, work hard, date, look hot af and then some but we are independent, strong and capable women.

I mean look at the past and future. The world has changed and grown because of the confidence that women have projected into and onto society.

So, if you are looking for a little reminder about what a bomb girl boss you are here they are:

  1. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are proud of yourself

It’s crucial to respect yourself, and yes that includes your body and mind. You are your first priority ALWAYS. Try eat as healthy as you can. Exercise is key when it comes to relieving stress but that doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon each day. A walk around the block will do just fine. Realise the women you are by looking in the mirror. Wake-up, make-up and then conquer the world. We as women are constantly being subjected to what the perfect women is: sexy, smart, a politician, stays quiet, always speaks her mind, perfect stay-at—home mom to 10 kids and all stuffed into a 25-inch waist and a DD chest size.

But that isn’t real life! Be proud of every you are because you’re a badass girl boss every single day.

  1. Celebrate every success big or small

Remember small successes are just as important as the big ones. Whether is clearing 20 emails from your inbox, when there is 200 still to go or even just showing up to work 30 minutes early because you wanted to get that extra work done. These are all important, prideful moments to remind yourself what a badass girl boss you are. Celebrate and reward yourself because this way you remind yourself that you’re making progress.

  1. Find what you are most passionate about

Learn how to be confident in your abilities. Your ideas, wants and drive is not stupid or unworthy. Whatever you find what drives you, what you love, and what you are passionate about, is where you should put your effort. Remember life is too short to be doing something that you don’t love and you aren’t passionate about.

  1. Remind yourself that you are only human, it’s okay to make mistakes

Every single person makes mistakes and that is perfectly okay. It is the only way we learn how to not make them again. We know how important it is to stay focused on the bigger picture and not so much on the little bumps in the road. Remember girl bosses have bigger things to worry about then crying over spilled milk.

  1. Use your voice, it’s powerful

You are allowed to speak your mind and tell people what is okay and not okay. Boundaries are important in aspects of life, work, personal, relationships, friendships and more. Understanding your goals and using your voice to achieve these goals is rule number one in how to conquer the world as a girl boss.

  1. See the value in yourself, and don’t take anything too personally

One important thing to always remember is at the end of the day everyone has a job to do. And it’s completely okay to have bad days, or be the unlucky person in the unlucky spot. Remember that someone else’s stress and disrespect does not represent who you are as a person. You can control how you respond to everyone else. A girl boss does not take things too personally, they know their value.

  1. Keep looking forward and focus on that, no looking back

Learn from the past but don’t stay there. You are never going to be able to change what happened so quit dwelling on it and move forward.

  1. Don’t take no for an answer

When it comes to something you want, don’t let anything stand in your way, and never take no for an answer. Instead be persistent in demanding something. There is a reason for everything so if someone has said no, you deserve a honest and respectful answer at the absolute minimum.

  1. Be the girl who just went for it

Just try, there is no shame in trying and putting yourself out there. How will you ever know what you want or don’t want in life if you don’t have the bravery to see what is out there. It is admirable to have ambitions and drive.

When one door closes, another door opens, or just crawl in through the window sometimes that works too.”

  1. Work hard but know when to take a break

Understanding when and where to stop and just take a step back is the most important quality of a proper girl boss. There is a balance between working hard and overworking yourself. So, when it’s time to shut down and turn on some brainless TV series, do it! Put on your favourite pair of sweatpants and grab that glass of wine, you’ve earned it.

At the end of the day being an empowered woman is simply about keeping your head and morals high, and showing basic respect toward all people. Confidence is key to being successful. You are a girl boss. You are stronger than you know. You are beautiful.

Encompass the person that you are proud to be, want to be, and want people to see.

With it being women’s month is month we’d like to celebrate all our girl bosses out there, hustling and doing everything they can to live their dreams. We see you and we salute you!

Happy Women’s Month rubies, tag your girl boss friends in the comments below!



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250 thoughts on “[Newsletter] You’re a GIRL BOSS, and don’t you forget it! 💋

    • Busisiwe M. says:

      I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men,they are far superior and have always been.Whatever you give to a woman, she will make it better.If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby.If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home.If you give her groceries, she’ll make you a meal.If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart.She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.”-

  1. Prudence F. says:

    This was such an insightful article and I’ll definitely be practicing some of the tips given. Especially knowing when to rest, as we’re heading to the end of the year, I usually overwork myself quite a lot.
    The girl boss for me this month and definitely my best friend, Mpho Molotsi, will be celebrating this Woman’s Day with her.

    To all the ladies, have a beautiful month 🔥

    • Heidi V. says:

      Thank you for this,I needed it.
      Sometimes things can get overwhelming ,thinking this year is almost poof gone and I didn’t accomplished a lot ,but actually I did all those small things added up to bigger things Xx. @alltherubies

  2. Rene Cecelia M. says:

    Thank you for the article it was quite empowering and very inspirational… I would like to WIN this R1000 SORBET gift as I want to take a special person out as she’s been my friend through though times and always inspires me be better then I was before…

    This way I could repay my appreciation to her🙏🙏🤗🤗

    • vasantha s. says:

      Thank you Ruby Box, for an uplifting and empowering article, encouraging women to appreciate themselves. I believe that it is extremely important to have a positive mindset. A blessed women’s month to all our rubies.

  3. Viwe S. says:

    Great article !!!! Definitely what I’ve been practicing this year , and especially number 4…….it’s okay . It’s also one way of learning 🙂 here’s to an amazing Women’s month

  4. Jill S. says:

    What stood out and is very important to me, is the fact that I f have to respect myself. I ha e to respect myself first before everything and anyone else.
    I have learnt how important it is to set boundaries with people, oh that is so crucial and once those boundaries has been set, my life has been so much better. It’s like such a huge weight off my shoulders.

    I always learn from the past and move forward. I have learnt to not sit and ponder on the past, oh how that can keep you behind in life.

    I absolutely just love life and make the best of each and every moment.