[NEWSLETTER] It’s love month 💗

It’s that time of the year again. February is upon us, and suddenly panic arises as people think of the perfect Valentine’s Day ideas.

We have compiled a few Valentine’s Day ideas that will level up your day, whether you’re single, celebrating with your gals or just with your significant other. PLUS, exactly zero of them involve a reservation or elaborate/expensive Valentine’s Day gifts.

  1. Break out the massage oil

Microwave some towels, light a few candles and spring for some massage oil. Oh and don’t forget the music.

  1. Play Top Chef: Aphrodisiac edition

Oysters, pomegranates and asparagus all have one thing in common and it’s that they are aphrodisiacs. Spice up a DIY cooking night with these challenging ingredients sure to get your hormones pumping. Lots of red wine and dark chocolate are encouraged!

  1. Put on a private show

Serve up some lewks as you strut down the hall and celebrate that body!

  1. Re-create your first date

Go back where you started, and re-create your first date. Rekindle those initial sparks, laugh about the awkward moments and see how far you have come.

  1. Go on a dessert crawl

Plan a route through your town and grab three or four of the best sweet treats and perform a formal review with your friends or partner.

  1. Try some tantra

Meditation + touch = serious intimacy level-up. Bring the art of tantric breathing into the bedroom (no partner required) for a thrilling and restorative evening.

  1. Touch each other.

Do you know all of your partners curves and edges? This exercise is designed to encourage erotic playfulness. Lie naked facing each other and explore each other’s bodies using your hands playing with movement, speed and pressure. Don’t forget to set the mood meaning no devices and as little lighting as possible.

  1. Watch some good porn

Reframe the role porn plays in your sex lives with these ethically produced women-focused content sites.

  1. Watch “The Notebook”

If you are missing the one that got away, there is no film that “gets it” more than this movie. The romantic moments will forever last a lifetime. If you’re a bird I’m a bird.

  1. Order sushi and champagne

Embrace your inner Blair Waldorf and splurge on the finer things in life.

rubies, let us know which Valentine’s Day options you might want to try out this month?


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113 thoughts on “[NEWSLETTER] It’s love month 💗

  1. boitumelo T. says:

    The month of ❤️ we all want to be loved or to love honestly we must celebrate love everyday show people we love that we love and care about them as much we know that life is short is best if we remind each other everyday that we love one another for my valentines would loveus to remind us how we meet re create our first date why we choose each other the spark mmmmh as I wait🕺

  2. Natasha S. says:

    I Love the Valentine’s Day options “Play Top Chef:Aphrodisiac edition” and “Touch each other” idea so I would Love to try out this month for sure, my hubby celebrates his birthday on the 14th so its a 2in1 celebration😍 Thanks for the tip on the good porn. ADCO CBD products looks interesting. Looking forward to the new campaigns. Congratulations Leila Ahmed!