Never have I ever [No Under 18]

By now you should have heard about the game ‘Never have I ever’, we first heard it on a reality tv show a few years ago but it is making a comeback during the lockdown and the gorgeous Mihlali decided to play along. (Never have I ever No Under 18)

Normally it is played with a group of friends, but this video is showing the one (two)man game. Basically there is a question asked and if you have done it you sip your drink and if you haven’t done it you don;t take a sip. So it is really a game of truth but you don’t have to openly admit to the question…

Mihlali asked her followers to send questions beforehand, so she reads the question starting with “Never have I ever” then answers by taking a sip (yes) or not taking a sip (no).

If this makes sense then you have obviously played before, if not, watch below to see how it goes:

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So rubies will you be playing never have I ever with your besties on your next zoom call? Comment below to let us know if you have played before.

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*Never have I ever [No Under 18] was shared directly from Mihlali’s YouTube page here.

37 thoughts on “Never have I ever [No Under 18]

  1. mthethwa.thuli says:

    Never ever have I played the game , Hahahhahaa it would be interesting to play it on my next video call with friends… Mhhhh interesting 🤩🤩

  2. khomolabenni101 says:

    Hahahah! I have never played it but i have seen it on the Youtube streets and I’m definately going to do it as well on my Youtube Channel

  3. nonstam82 says:

    Never have I ever played the game before but this is on my next Teams session with friends since we engage virtually a lot lately… Lol, should be interesting

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