Master Your Winter Makeup Looks

The upcoming season demands a whole new series of looks, from fashion to makeup. It can be super fun to shake up your makeup for winter, and even to experiment a little if you’re not normally into makeup. Before you can start playing around with all of your products, it’s important to know what colour palette fits the season.

For winter it’s important to match coolness with brightness. With the weather being so cold and grey, we need some brightening colours to perk up our look. Avoid colours with warm undertones and stick with cool neutrals like greys, taupes and pastels on the eyes. Opt for bright, rosy blushes rather than oranges and reds. Bright lips are a staple of the season – it’s all about the bold berries and classic reds. If you’re keen for a less dramatic look or you have a super bold eye look on, you could go for glossy cool nudes rather.

Don’t be afraid of icy metallic highlighters and shadows! There are so many colour combos you could go for. Tailor it to you – play around with both natural and more dramatic looks. An easy trick for adding a little drama to any look is to introduce some black. Black eyeliner or shadow will instantly deepen your eyes and give you a more sultry vibe.

Here are some great ideas for looks that you could experiment with and expand upon:

Gold Eyes and Berry Lips

The contrast of these two statement colours will add huge amounts of dimension to your look. Put some gold on your lid and diffuse it into your crease up towards your brow bone with a fluffy blending brush. Alternatively, put a little hint of it in your inner or outer corner (or even both). Embellish your eyes with some taupe eyeliner and black mascara. Find a beautiful berry lip shade that matches your skin tone – dark skin tones pair well with pink berries, medium skin tones with plum berries and light skin tones with red berries.

Bold Red Lips

If you can’t tell, we’re all about bright lips for winter to add a pop of colour to the grey! A classic red lip is great if you don’t have time for a full face. It’ll pull any look together and give your face a beautiful focal point. You can’t go wrong – anybody can pull off a red lip and look fab!

Flushed Cheeks

A sweep of blush along your cheekbones will give you an uplifted, cheerful look. The cold makes us naturally flushed, so choosing the right colour blush (as aforementioned bright and rosy is best) will make a subtle but super cute addition to that beautiful face of yours. Apply it high on your cheekbones and into your temples rather than on the apples of your cheeks to lift your face a little. You could even add a little to the tip of your nose.

Maroon Eyes

Reds in your crease will add some super sultry flair to your eyes. Begin with a light nude base on your eyelids before blending some crimson into your crease. Darken your outer corners and lower lash line with a deeper maroon. Add some black or brown eyeliner to your upper lash line, and even some black shadow to the outer corner of your lower lash line for some smokiness. Top it all off with black mascara or dramatic falsies and you’ve got yourself a sexy eye-catching look.

Snow Globe Shimmer

Don’t be afraid of a little glitter! Apply some subtle shimmery eyeshadow to your inner and/or outer corners. Iridescent silvers and blues work best. You could even pop on some frosty highlighter for a metallic moment.

Bold Brows

Accentuate your eyes with some dramatic brows. You can fill them in or try some fluffy soap brows. Coat a slightly damp spoolie with soap from a bar. Make sure not to use anything highly fragranced so as not to irritate your eyes. Comb it through your eyebrows to give them a laminated, full look. Cheaper than brow gel and so much more effective!

Blue Eyes

Use some cobalt blue shadow in combination with a subtle nude. Crease, inner corner, outer corner – take your pick! Unique and bold, you’ll be strutting around like the work of art that you are.

White Cat Eye

White eyeliner sounds a little daunting but it can make a beautiful addition to any eye look or even on its own. Use white liquid eyeliner to draw some wings on your upper lash line or use a white pencil on your waterline to open up your eyes and make them look bigger. If you want some eyeshadow, subtle silver shimmer works beautifully with this.

Silver Ombre Eyes

We’re really all about frosty silvers for the winter months. Use greys and metallics for a multi-tonal ombre eye! Apply the shadow lightest to darkest, working from your inner to outer corner. Blend it well to give the shadow a seamless look. This intricate looking but simple to execute look will accentuate your eyes beautifully.

Make sure that you’re keeping up a good skincare routine to give yourself the perfect canvas to work with, and have fun with it!

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