Make Your Eyes Pop with the Right Colour Makeup

Make Your Eyes Pop with the Right Colour Makeup

Makeup is one of the many beautiful ways in which we can express ourselves, and no full-face look is complete without some eyeshadow! Whether you’re into bright pops of colour or nudes, there are specific shades that will make those gorgeous eyes of yours pop more than others.

It’s a good idea to consider the colour wheel when putting your look together. Complimentary colours sit opposite each other on the wheel – these two colours will make each other stand out when they’re used together. This is important to consider when combining actual shadow colours as well as the colour of your eyes.

So, which shades are right for you?

Brown Eyes

Brown eyed girls, you’re the luckiest of the lot! Your deep eyes will suit pretty much any colour, opening you up to a versatile range of looks. A particularly beautiful colour on you will be gold, especially if you have gold flecks in your eyes. Try taupe, black and eyen purple eyeliners to enhance your colour. Have fun with the endless number of combinations you can use, and try to use the colour wheel to select shades that will complement each other.

Blue Eyes

Earthy browns, taupes and peaches will compliment your light eyes. Because your eyes are light, smokey looks and blacks will make them stand out even more for a dramatic look. Try shimmery greys and silvers to compliment your cool tones, and warm brown and taupe eyeliners for a little contrast.

Green and Hazel Eyes

It’s all about the nude naturals for earthy green eyes. Pinks, peaches, taupes and browns with red undertones will compliment you best. Green and hazel eyes very often have hints of gold in them, so adding a little gold will work well too! The whole purple spectrum is also a great choice. Try taupe, eggplant and reddish-brown eyeliners to add extra dimension.

Grey Eyes

The rarest of them all, these cool icy eyes go with blues, silvers and charcoal colours. It may seem like your selection is a little limited, but it doesn’t have to be! You can of course experiment with all different sorts of shades to see what you like best. Smokey eyes and classic black or dark brown eyeliner will look amazing on you.

Have you tried matching your eyeshadow to your eye colour before? If not, give it a try! You might be surprised by the results and really appreciate the depth of your eyes. That being said, the sky’s the limit!

Don’t feel confined to one colour spectrum, no matter your eye shade. Experimentation is what makeup is all about. Have fun!

Let us know in the comments below which eyeshadow colour you have been dying to try out?

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69 thoughts on “Make Your Eyes Pop with the Right Colour Makeup

  1. kehauhetswemakgakela says:

    I have brown eyes and I use blue eye liner to make them pop. For eye shadow I do the smoky eye look & I’ve tried pink but I would like to experiment with more bold colors

  2. Audrey Sebata says:

    My eyes are brown and I’ll try The whole purple spectrum .and also Try taupe, eggplant and reddish-brown eyeliners to add extra dimension. Thank you for the article 😊😘, love it

  3. Gouwa Samuels says:

    My Small brown eyes I would never have thought it would accept eyes shadow, since it’s easily irrated but thank goodness for good brands. . I love my white eyes shadow ,abit conservative on the other colours but the new season (summer). IL definitely be trying golds out.

  4. elsiemmanganye says:

    I have brown eyes. I’m excited about the bright colours they will make my eyes pop, i don’t normally do any eye shadows but i’m very happy to try this, Thanks @ Rubybox

  5. Trich says:

    Thank you so much for the article. I’m one of the lucky ones with brown eyes!! And it’s true, pretty much every colour suits and brings out our eyes even more. I love the, brown, gold and black together. Inlove with mostly earthly colours.

  6. careynaidoo777 says:

    Thank you for these excellent tips. I am a brown eyed girl and tend to stick to nude colours… After reading
    These great tips I think I will be brave to try these colours you suggested… Looking forward to be bold and adventurous😁😄 Thank you @Rubybox💗