Light and Refreshing Seltzer! [Vawter Hard Seltzer Testimonials]

We all want to embrace everything this Summer has to offer and with Vawter Hard Seltzer you’ll be able to have a Sunday Funday without a Blue Monday because it’s all about the #Balance. That’s what we call fun without compromise.

Watch to see what our rubybox members had to say when we asked them how they felt about the NEW Vawter Hard Seltzers.


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Have you tried this product? Or will you be trying it now that you have seen the rubies feedback? Let us know in the comments rubies ♥︎

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11 thoughts on “Light and Refreshing Seltzer! [Vawter Hard Seltzer Testimonials]

  1. natashastewart2014 says:

    Yes I have tried this product Vawter Hard Seltzer does hit the spot for sure 👍Great feedback 😊 I enjoyed reading the reviews. #Summer #Lighter side to Life #Balance #rubybox #Vawter #rubyboxvawter #Balance #VawterHardSeltzer #HardSeltzer #LightLiving #DrinkResponsibly

  2. Lusanda says:

    I have tried Vawter and l love the grapefruit flavor. The fact that it has low sugar and low alcohol content shows how much dietary consideration was put into the product and that is amazing.