Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! 🎶

Giirrrll, are you having trouble getting in the mood or achieving an orgasm?👀 Well, if you are, don’t stress because you are not alone and we’ve got you! Many women have fluctuating sex drives and that is completely OKAY. Here are 5 things women need for a happy and healthy sex life and to create more heat between the sheets. 💋

  1. Know what you like and dislike in the bedroom

Knowing what you like, and dislike can be a game changer in the bedroom. Knowing what feels food, what turns you on, what turns you off and the stimulation you need to move through feeling aroused is very important to know and to also communicate it is even more important. Masturbation may also help women learn what they like in bed and feel more sexually empowered.

  1. The ability to focus on the moment and tune out the noise

With our busy lives and high stress lifestyles, it is normal to get distracted when we want to focus on romance. Ladies, it’s important to try stay in the moment and feel relaxed in that moment. Deactivating your brain and being in the moment can allow you to experience full arousal and orgasm. If you still find yourself thinking more about your to-do list and less about what’s happening in the bedroom, fantasizing may help you focus.

  1. Positive body image and self confidence

For us women, body image can play a huge role on how we feel about ourselves. If a woman doesn’t feel good about her body, it may be challenging for them to enjoy sex without constantly thinking about their insecurities. It’s important for you to realise that your partner is not focusing on your stretchmarks or extra weight when you are in bed together. In a sex study, Dr Kerner stated that a lot of men’s personal tastes don’t conform to what the media says is the perfect body. He also added the fact that during sex and deep states of arousal, men are generally more focused on the details and experience of sex than on somebody’s body.

  1. To know your partners sexual status

This can easily become such an uncomfortable topic to speak about, but it must happen. Discussing previous partners and sexual health is a great way for you and your partner to be completely transparent with each other which may also make you feel closer to each other.Knowing your partners status also gives you a sense of peace so that you know that you aren’t compromising your health.

  1. The right products to have sex more comfortable

It is completely normal for women to experience vaginal dryness at some point in their lives when they are younger or older. To make things more comfortable if you struggle with vaginal dryness, you can try use a lubricant, preferably one that is natural, and water based. OR you can take a more fun route and spice up the foreplay so that you can lubricate naturally.😉

With these 5 tips above, we wish you a beautiful, fun and sexy sex life! Always remember to own it ladies! Your body is beautiful and you are beautiful! Rise Up Beautiful You!💋

Much love,

rubybox HQ

Article inspired by: https://www.everydayhealth.com/sexual-health/things-women-need-happy-healthy-sex-life/


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77 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! 🎶

  1. Zimkita M. says:

    It’s really difficult my relationship is taking a tall ever since my baby my sex drive have been really low 😩 it’s fastrating
    But with this article a lot will change
    Thank you

    #Ruby HQ

      • Arizona N. says:

        You know ladies sometimes life gets a hold of us physically and mentally that we forget about the pleasure we deserve. We shouldn’t shy away when it comes to our sexual well being. I believe it’s a healthy part of our lives. There is also no black and white on how things should be done, as long as you are safe and you enjoy you and your partners body. There’s some great tips here that I will implement.

    • Nomatter C. says:

      I have had a terrible sex drive since 2020,it’s so frustrating that sometimes we fight with my partner because of this,I also had a child in 2021 and it got worse,but 2022 it’s getting better by and by,thanx for this article.

  2. Michelle V. says:

    I enjoyed this article,it’s informative and yes body image is one that makes me shy away mostly from experience a good sex life.
    Let’s hope I can work on this mentally and get over the bigger shape of my body to enjoy myself if the future.

    • Nkgapele S. says:

      Very insightful and interesting. Alot of us women are afraid/ashamed to talk about this kinda topics, even communicating with our partners, just pretending to be enjoying while we are not.

  3. Emily M. says:

    Oh wow thank you so much, this topic seems to sensitive but it really help me a lot 😭😭 thank you a million Ruby words can’t explain how you had fixed my marriage

  4. Natasha S. says:

    It is very important for us to get to know those likes and learn to tune in on the moment. Positive body image and self confidence what a great tip. Absolutely very important to know your partners sexual status, myself and husband was very open minded about this when we first met and had our tests done for peace of mind. Lubricant is great to use. Thank you for the reassurance Rubybox this was an Absolute Wonderful read # Rise Up Beautiful You!👄💋

  5. Belinda M. says:

    These are great tips, especially the one that talks about blocking out the noise and focusing on the moment. We as women tend to overtime while in the action and we don’t allow ourselves to be in the moment. The more you block out everything, the more pleasurable and sensitive everything is. Thanks Rubybox 💋