Let your #Wombstories be heard! [WIN]

We all have them, so why don’t we always feel comfortable talking about them? Let your #Wombstories be heard!

We want to encourage an open culture where everyone can express what they go through without fearing they won’t be properly heard/ believed and without feeling shame that they are somehow less than what they were taught to be.

The pleasure, the pain, the love, the hate. It’s never simple but it all needs to be heard. Keeping it in or leaving it unheard comes at an emotional and physical cost both at an individual and collective level.

Sharing yours can be fun and freeing. Not only that, the more we talk, the more we encourage others to do the same. The unseen, unspoken, unknown stories of our periods, our #wombstories, are so much more complex and profound!

WIN by sharing your #wombstories:

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240 thoughts on “Let your #Wombstories be heard! [WIN]

  1. Mira Naidu says:

    My #wombstories are always emotional. I was only 11 when i got my period. It was awful and i thought i was dying, so there was alot of crying when i told my mum. My periods were always heavy and i used to dread that time of the month. Sometimes wearing two pads at a time and two underwears plus tights so that i wouldnt have an accident. Fast forward to today after having my second child, and still breastfeeding. Didnt have my period for so long, it was blissful 🙂 but now its back and im so glad i am protected and there are no accidents. #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  2. Janine C. says:

    My #Wombstorie started when I had my first period at school at 11 years old. I got all pale, had cold sweats and had extreme pain. Thankfully the Physical Education teacher was on hand to explain what had just happened to me and she also gave me a sanitary pad. Throughout all the years, I had severe migraines before and during my periods which would always result in me vomitting. Later on after I got married, my gynaecologist identified that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which resulted in mood swings and severe obesity. The periods continued to cause pain and severe migraines which made it difficult for work as I would always have to take off time because of the pain. I also get really bad PMS (premenstrual syndrome) which makes me very irritable and argumentative before I get my period. Thankfully my husband has always shown kindness and patience during these times. I think women are amazing that they go through all of this, still manage to hold down a job, do all the household chores and do everything with a smile.
    #LiveFearless #Wombstories

  3. Janine C. says:

    My #Wombstorie started when I was 11 years old when I got my first period at school. I went all pale, had cold sweats and had extreme pain. Thankfully the Physical Education teacher was on hand to explain what had just happened to me and she had a sanitary pad for me. Through the years at the start and during the periods, I have had severe migraines which always result in vomitting. Then after I got married, I learnt from my gynaecologist that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes the hormones to go totally out of control and results in mood swings and obesity. My periods continued to cause severe migraines throughout the duration of the period which really made it difficult with work as I would always have to take off time. I also get severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) where I become very irritable, aggressive and argumentative which caused some personal relationship issues at times. I think women are amazing that they go through all of this and still manage to hold down a job, do all the household chores and try and do everything with a smile.
    #LiveFearless #Wombstories

  4. Chantel Muller says:

    My whole life i always had light periods and no period pains. I was very blessed and never experienced the pain that my friends went through. When i fell pregnany 4 years ago it was also a very easy pregnancy and easy labour. It was the best time of my life. After my pregnancy i used labrissa pads and once again i was blessed to have light periods BUT twice i had heavy flow and bad cramps. For the first time in my life i finally understood what my friends went through and spoke about. For the first time i had to buy period pain killers. My flow was so heavy that i was Unable to keep a tampon in for longer than 10 min minutes i turned to libressa pads. This was really a life saver and offered me the protection needed. I really love this product and make sure its always on my shopping list.


  5. Chuma M says:

    Hi loves, as a young adult I’ve sometimes struggled with odour and leakages during periods and this made that time of the month really uncomfortable. After trying a few brands, I finally tried Libresse and I’m happy with the cotton feel and odour control because I can go about my days without worry of odour or leaking. #rubyboxlibresse #libresseultrapads #livefearless #wombstories #normaliseperiods

  6. Mel Titus says:

    15 March 2020, my period started like it did every month, I’m a mom of 2, 28yr old son and 10yr old daughter, my period became very heavy after my second child, only it didn’t end like it would 7 days after it started. This went on for a month and a half and I went to see my doctor because the cramps, back pain and body aches was unbearable. My doctor refers me to a Gynecologist who examines me, does an ultra sound and gives me a prescription for the 2 month contraceptive injection, please note, I had my self sterilized 2 weeks after my 2nd baby was born in 2011. The contraceptive injection did not help, I went back to the Gynecologist 3 times before he decided that I needed a Hysteroscopy, during this time the only pads that I could use was Libresse Maxi Cotton Feel Goodnight Pads, it was literally the only pad that would not leak, that is how heavy my flow was. During my Hysteroscopy, my Gynecologist found and removed 47 Polyps from my womb, this was the reason for my prolonged bleeding, cramps etc. Going through my personal hell during that time the only thing I could count on was my Libreese Maxi Good Night Pads, I felt secure while wearing them, it took a further 2 months for the bleeding to stop and for my period to return to normal, I still use Libresse pads, they are the only ones that make me feel secure and confident. I am happy to say that the Polyps have not returned (: #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  7. Megan Lewis says:

    So the first time I got my periods, I was terrified. I was in Grade 7 and never had the talk yet. I remember everything vaguely…my mom wasn’t very into talking about it but she explained everything to me as best she could and felt comfortable with. What I remember very clearly though, is how my father went to the shop and came home with a cake and he was just so happy and at the same time concerned about how I was feeling. I’m so lucky and grateful that my father set this example of how men should be in support of this #NormalisePeriods movement before such a movement or hashtag even existed. I don’t blame Mom for being a bit uncomfortable, because I know she grew up in a different ‘era’ where women didn’t talk about such. I’m glad she had the talk with me even though she was not 100% confident and reassuring. I’m definitely glad that Dad could fill in the gaps of being the reassuring one and the one who wasn’t afraid to celebrate this ‘weird’ phase/moment. We put so much pressure in Moms having to have the talk, etc. that we forget it’s equally important that Dads are on the same page as well. I wish every little girl’s Dad will have the reaction my Dad had, it just makes everything so much better.
    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  8. Lauren Eardley Strugnell-Sanders says:

    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

    I had my little boy 6 years ago and since then I have avery strange period some are heavy and sore – some are painless and normal.. I enjoy #LibresseUltraPads because during both these time I can feel normal.

  9. Ms T says:

    So in July 2017, I decided to have the iud inserted. All was well until I started spotting randomly which was for few months. I got so scared and thought I’m allergic to the device and rushed to the clinic only to be told its normal as the device is adjusting to my body and it would stop. It eventually stopped and I was laughing at how scared I was that I was going to be a case study of having a womb allergy

    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  10. Cathsurine Gertse says:

    Hey there, being a Mother of three (2 daughters and one son) I can relate to some of your #wombstories. I was at work one day and I just felt a sudden sharp pain and it was like something was opening up from inside of me so I was scared to stand up but I had to, so I got up and when I got to the bathroom I was showered down there and I normally use the extra Long pads which you used at night, the day was still young so I had to clean myself up but it was the most uncomfortable day ever.
    So now my Im trying to teach my 14year old to always make sure she has extra pads and she mustn’t sit too long rather move around…so I have never tried Libresse and would love to try it for comfortability.
    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods