Let your #Wombstories be heard! [WIN]

We all have them, so why don’t we always feel comfortable talking about them? Let your #Wombstories be heard!

We want to encourage an open culture where everyone can express what they go through without fearing they won’t be properly heard/ believed and without feeling shame that they are somehow less than what they were taught to be.

The pleasure, the pain, the love, the hate. It’s never simple but it all needs to be heard. Keeping it in or leaving it unheard comes at an emotional and physical cost both at an individual and collective level.

Sharing yours can be fun and freeing. Not only that, the more we talk, the more we encourage others to do the same. The unseen, unspoken, unknown stories of our periods, our #wombstories, are so much more complex and profound!

WIN by sharing your #wombstories:

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240 thoughts on “Let your #Wombstories be heard! [WIN]

  1. Mamiki Matlala says:

    When I first started having my periods I was in high school and my flow was heavy so one day I had a leakage which was so embarrassing but now I know which pads to buy to avoid such incidents . In 2017 I put a pad without undies after giving birth at the hospital lol

    rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  2. Christina Pillay says:

    I got my first period at age 12 and struggled with excruciating pain that was later diagnosed as dysmenorrhea. I was put on contraceptive pills which helped ease the pain but when I got married at age 24 and decided to start a family, going off the pill brought the pain back tenfold. Having to miss work for a couple of days every month meant all my colleagues knew when I was unsuccessful at falling pregnant. Fast track 14 years and multiple miscarriages later. I eventually had to have a hysterectomy just a few days before I turned 38. It was heartbreaking and added to my state of depression at the time. Now 3 years later I look at how my life has changed since the op and I am absolutely pain free and no longer have to take schedule 5 painkillers every month. My entire life had been dictated to by my womb for 24 years, now I have a more positive outlook, have stopped my depression meds and have a better quality of life and am looking into adopting. #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  3. Nombongo Manana says:

    when i had my first period i was 10. I was very scared had no idea what was happening. i thought i was sick. I didnt tell my mom i wore white pants so that she sees for herself. so my aunt saw instead and were freaked out because all ladies in my family had their first when they were 18 and older. My mom also didnt have enough information with regards to periods she just told me that i mustnt be with a boy i will get preggies, bought pads and that was it. I vowed that when i have kids i will ensure they have enough support and information. i have 2 girls and one boy so when my first had her period at 10 as well. it was very heavy and she was sick couldnt keep anything down. i supported her , gave her all the love and support and information on whats happening but beleive you me she had more information than me , lol kids we raising. we now know when its going to be our periods , we bought have heavy flow she has cramps i dont. but we go through that journey together. #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  4. sphenyawo22 says:

    I always had regular periods. My problem started late in high school where I had to bail out from my exams because my period pains where worse, one time I had to choose to between writing my final exam or leaving the writing place . From that point I knew that my periods pains where not normal . Fast foward 2019 I fell pregnant within a month I was admitted to the hospital,when I was told that I just had a miscarriage, and I was diagnosed with endometriosis.
    Since then i have been forever scared of even falling pregnant again . My wish is that ladies from all walks of life get the proper diagnoses either be period pain ,endometriosis or any other diseases of the uterus so they can know what they dealing with , how to easy the situation and how to prevent it .


  5. nova linnett says:

    Hi everyone

    Although my womb story began with my first born in 2012 then again in 2017, I had a huge surprise in March 2020. I found out I was expecting a girl, and that I was already 6 months pregnant, going onto 7 month. I went to the doctor because of pain in my pelvic area , and was congratulated on my pregnancy. I was so shocked cz I was on family planning. Not long after that Zoe arrived, healthy as can be, she was born via c-section on the 8th June 2020 during the hard lockdown. The pain I had experienced was due to 3 cysts on my womb. So I had the cysts removed and had sterilisation right after delivery, today she is one of my 3 bundles of joy. So I’ve been using Libresse for years , because I always get a reaction to other brands, and its comfortable as well #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  6. ADAMINE TIMM says:

    it’s so comfortable, keeps you fresh, just love the night pad, peacefull nights rest, without having to get up a million times during the night. #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  7. Leana Henke says:

    As I’m reading the comments already posted I must admit, it feels good to have sisters in arms. My story is probably not the most popular of opinions but since there have been so many brave women sharing, I guess I will give it a go.
    My womb story started when I was 11 years old. I knew what a pad was, I handed them to my mom every now and then. So when it was my turn to use one, I wasn’t too fussed. I was fussed however when I had to replace the pad and had the sticky part on my hoohaa instead of the panty. Well… this was the beginning of the end in my mind. As time went by, my relationship with my womb just got worse. Painful periods, swim days missed, sporting events sat out (embarrassingly so) countless jackets tied around the waist. Through all of this, I always knew I don’t want to have children. While my friends planned their lives around having families, I did everything in my power to not fall pregnant. I tried so many contraceptives – all with their own awful set of side effects – one even where I ended up in hospital with hypertension to the point of almost having a stroke. Friends in our 20s got excited about starting a family and my mom gene never kicked in. I waited… and the longer I waited the less I wanted children.
    What annoys me is that I’ve been with the same gynaecologist for years – she knows how I feel about this. I’m 36 years old… and I’ve never changed my mind. Isn’t it my body – my rules? Why can’t I just have my tubes tied like I requested years ago? Why do I and women like me have to endure side effects like constant infections, lack of libido, high blood pressure and so many other symptoms of birth control? And why do we have to endure it for years and years?
    Not taking away from gender re-assignment but it is probably an easier to get procedure than it is to get my tubes tied for me. I’ve burned metaphorical bras ever since I was 3 years old so having this decision taken out of my hands makes me want to rage even harder.
    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  8. Janine Brothers says:

    I gave birth to my son 14 years ago. I was in labor for 19 hours. My son was very big and his shoulders pushed my pelvic out during birth and I bled heavy for a month. I couldn’t walk for two weeks. But it was worth all the pain to see my son healthy and happy.
    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  9. Belinda Mokhanda says:

    I suffered from constant ovarian pain growing up. Looking back now, I realise that I always had endometriosis – I just didn’t know what it was. High school was tough, since it’s not on the list of topics to discuss during Life Orientation or The Talk With Mom. We’re just told that what we’re feeling is normal.

    Imagine being told off by your teacher when your heavy bleeding requires you to visit the bathroom, again. Or your hockey coach telling you how pathetic you are for having no energy on the field, or not wanting to do sport because of the pain you are feeling. I was labelled as lazy or disinterested. Little did they know how much pain she was dealing with on a daily basis.

    “ went to the gynae [for answers] at the age of 20. I was experiencing the worst pain I’d ever felt. The gynecologist diagnosed a cyst and sent me off with meds. But a little while later, with the pain still unbearable, I paid my gynaecologist another visit. This time, he suspected endometriosis, but he couldn’t confirm his suspicions without a laparoscopy – endometriosis isn’t visible on a scan.

    The laparoscopy confirmed the doctor’s suspicions: I had endo, and underwent surgery to remove the tissue. They removed what they could – what was visible to the naked eye.

    Endometriosis is not experienced in the same way by all. There are different levels of severity. The symptoms include pain, heavy bleeding, bloating, fatigue and, sometimes, painful intercourse. My pain became almost unbearable during menstruation. In a month, I’d only have about seven pain-free days. Living with chronic pain is no joke and it takes strength from unknown places to put on a happy face.

    I sometimes try and explain the pain to others – on a good day it feels like normal period pains, but on a bad day it feels like that times 20. Other endo suffers have described it as equivalent to being kicked in the gut by five bodybuilders or having your internal organs wrapped in barbed wire.

    The pain is constant, but the other symptoms come and go. The fatigue is terrible – you lose the lust for life. I remembers many road trips where I would simply stay in the car. I just couldn’t find the strength to get out and admire the view. How do you explain to your partner or family members… I’m so tired, sad and in pain. They can only hear that so many times without rolling their eyes.

    It’s important to see a specialist once you’ve been diagnosed by your gynae. My first laparoscopy left me with a couple of scars and a slightly deformed belly button. It’s a terrible op where they put a camera through your belly button and make keyhole incisions in your tummy to cauterise (burn) the endo. They pump you full of gas for full visibility. This gas takes a day to leave the system – this is the worst pain, but the holes hurt as well.

    I was told to use the Pill to prevent my period, as this would lessen the symptoms, but after four months of embarrassing surprise ‘leaks’, I had to find a better solution. I was then prescribed a pill that was like a male hormone. Besides costing a small fortune, I was warned that my voice may deepen and that facial hair may be an issue. No thank you! I was also told that I should have a baby straight away as I might not be able to have one at a later stage. Talk about rushed planning.

    So I took my chances and lived with the pain. This is me.

    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods

  10. Imogen Blumears says:

    As a woman every month you are reminded of the wonders of your body, having had a quite difficult period when I was younger I appreciate that its much easier now, not always rosy but easier, having been a loyal fan to a brand previously, I soon learnt as I grew older to explored more options and using Libresse has been amazing, I can sleep in comfort, face any day knowing I am covered and not to mention it is rather price friendly, at the organization i work for we do pad drives for young ladies and Libresse is always the winning supply, so clearly most women appreciate the comfort it has to offer 🙂
    #rubyboxLibresse #LibresseUltraPads #LiveFearless #Wombstories #NormalisePeriods