Kiss the Pinterest Wedding goodbye: How to avoid wedding clichés when planning your big day

Did you know that 67% of us have a wedding board going before we’re even engaged? Yes, we’re looking at you! Well to be fair we’ve attended a few weddings this year already low and behold everyone has the same damn Pinterest ideas.

We’re talking the polaroid guestbook; the neon sign and the flip flops for guests. Pinterest was, dare we say it, becoming a little cliché. Don’t get us wrong though we love Pinterest and it can be a huge help when planning a wedding along with providing stunning inspiration for the big day but with that comes severe anxiety by giving us an overdose of choice. Which in turn leads to us spending money on décor you’ll see at every other wedding this year.

Here are tips you can use to avoid the Pinterest clichés you’ll see online to keep your wedding day unique:

  1. Avoid trends

Trends are ultimately something that everyone is doing, we’d recommend working hard to steer clear of these otherwise your wedding will end up looking like everyone else’s, which isn’t very special or memorable for your guests or you. Nothing wrong with finding your inspiration on Pinterest but be targeted with this. Only pull out a couple of ideas and put your own spin on them instead. When browsing Pinterest make sure you ask the question “does this represent us?”, “what’s the reason I want this?” and “does this work in our venue?”

Asking yourself why you are doing or choosing something is one of the best things you can do. Always back yourself and don’t worry about it looking too “wedding-y. If you haven’t seen other people do it chances are good your wedding will be more unique and leave a lasting impression.

  1. A simple starting point

Get back to basics – maybe start with selecting a couple key colours that you and your partner love that spark some ideas. Also, maybe discuss a rough design route you want to go down. This way you might be more of a traditional, modern or maximalist which helps get the planner and all involved a place to start with.

  1. Step away from weddings

When on Pinterest rather use key words like set design, restaurant, interior and stay as far away from the word wedding as possible. By fine tuning your search you will come across some fantastic ideas that should sit within what you are looking for.

  1. Trust your suppliers

There’s been an increasing tendency to just share images with your suppliers and ask them to recreate exactly that. While it’s important to work closely with them. It’s most important to share some initial thoughts and ideas with them and let them come up with suggestions and ideas. You’re paying them might as well make the most of their creativity and let them help you inspire you.

  1. Look elsewhere for everyday inspiration

Look to your camera roll its filled with lots of photos from restaurants, gardens and shop fronts. Inspiration is everywhere so if anything, we suggest putting together a small selection of images, textures, colours that you can share with your florist and caterer if they are helping with tableware. Keep these images snappy so you have a clear vision and don’t get too distracted.

But most importantly have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Happy planning rubies

Let us know in the comments below if any of you are planning a wedding this year and have your oh so dreamy wedding Pinterest board?

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13 thoughts on “Kiss the Pinterest Wedding goodbye: How to avoid wedding clichés when planning your big day

  1. Martha D. says:

    For me is starting point is keeping it simple yet nice. We always go out of our way pay a lot of money for weddings forgetting that their is life after weddings.

  2. Mthaniya S. says:

    I still the point of departure is sticking to a budget. That way you know what to incorporate and what not to incorporate. It is pointless to be fitting wedding gowns for R50k when you know that your budget for the whole wedding is twice that amount.

  3. Martha D. says:

    I am planning a wedding for a close family member and this article really came at the right time. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate through planning when you do not even know where to start.

  4. Andani M. says:

    Thank you so much for the article, I’m one person who loves following trends and copying exactly what i found on pinterest, I learned that I should take ideas that i found on pinterest and twists them a bit so i can be unique