Jaw-dropping movie makeovers – and how to get them

We love a good makeover; seeing the girl-next-door transform into a glamour goddess is simply one of those moments when everything is right in the world. Here, our four favourite movie makeover moments:

J Lo in Maid in Manhattan
Jenny from the block is pretty amazing at rocking a maid’s uniform, but she’s far more breathtaking in a floor-skimming gown, no? Get her look with a dusting of highlighter applied to the high points on your face (along your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and underneath your eye brows). Then give your lips some love (and instant volume a la J Lo) with a pretty pink lipgloss, and finish off by slicking your hair back into a top knot.

Emma Stone in The House Bunny
Geeky Emma is so 2009. The quirky house mate sheds her dark frames, limp locks and bare face for tumbling tresses, come-hither eyes and a push up bra. To get her look, conquer your curls first by wrapping sections of 10cm sections of your hair round a curling iron. Rim your eyes with black liner (if your eyeliner tends to run, go for a waterproof option instead) and finish off with a swirl of pale pink blusher on your apples to warm up your cheeks.

Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games
We love Katniss Everdene, the brave peasant girl, and can even be seen sporting a look-alike side braid when out on a coffee run, nothing special. But when she stepped into that sizzling red frock, hair all pinned up, we couldn’t help but let out a little gasp. Own her striking look with a liquid liner cat eye (check out how to do one here) slick on peach lipstick and dust apricot blusher along your cheekbones.

Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada
One of the moments for chick flick lovers and fashionistas everywhere – Andy stepping out in those knee-high Chanel boots. Marc Jacobs should have named a bag after her, it was that epic. Get Andy’s fierce look with eye-framing brows (FYI – your black liner pencil does not double up as a brow pencil, rather go for one shade darker than your natural colour) and khol-rimmed eyes (use a smudgy pencil for a more natural effect). Finish off with your favourite nude lipstick or lipgloss.

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
When smooth talking, fiercely independent Vivian Ward burst on screen in full streetwalker mode, we thought it would take a miracle to tame that 80’s perm (how she managed to squeeze it into that tiny blonde wig? Anyone’s guess) and tone down the face paint. Cue the moment that Hollywood convinced everyone, just how much a blow dry and no-makeup makeup can do. Vivian Ward’s triumph over the snooty Beverley Hills sales women is a movie classic. Step out in Pretty Woman style with sleek full bodied hair, subtle eye makeup and a perfect red pout. If you really want to channel the on-screen goddess, massage some shimmering body gloss over your decolletage and arms for a radiant glow.

If you’ve been blessed with Julia’s tumbling tresses and struggle to tame them, here’s how. Wash with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner – under no circumstances go near volumising products. Blast your hair with heat until it’s about 80% dry then apply a smoothing cream to seal your cuticles with moisture and shine. Divide your hair into sections and piece by piece, using a round, big barreled blow-dry brush and high heat, smooth your mane until your locks are silky, but still full of bounce and vitality.

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