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It’s Women’s Month!

Happy Women’s Month rubies♥︎

August is Women’s Month and it’s a very important month for us because it gives us even more reasons to celebrate our beautiful rubies. With everything that has been going on this year, it is so important for us to look within this month, lift each other up and support one another.

As Queen B said, “WHO RUN THE WORLD? – GIRLS!” With the current uncertainty that this year has brought we thought we would bring some positive light on women supporting women, in our true ruby fashion, by helping each other! #riseupbeautifulyou

What better way to convey how women can support each other through the #challengeaccepted movement that has gone viral over the past few days.

So, what is this #challengeaccepted movement all about?

This movement is purely to spread awareness of issues that are often left in the dark. Currently, the focus has been on female empowerment and with this, in every country throughout the world, this challenge means something different to each woman. For example, in Turkey, this campaign is used to spread awareness of femicide whereas in other countries it’s used to show strength and support to various female-focused communities.

How does it work, you ask? You can post a black & white image of yourself on social media, #challengeaccepted and tag your women support system to also take part in the movement.


If you are looking to support a few local women-run business during the month of August to tie in with our women’s month celebration. Keep an eye out for these businesses below:



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This women’s month we would also like to welcome the above new rubygems! *Remember to share a photo of yourself on social media and include these hashtags to stand a chance to be featured on our rubygems wall! #rubybox #rubygems #riseupbeautifulyou


This woman’s month we would love to treat YOU rubies. Stand a chance to win the long overdue pamper treatment you deserve. To enter to win a spa voucher to the value of R2000, all you have to do is comment below and tell us what you love most about being a woman?

Stay safe rubies and have a beautiful women’s month♥︎

(Competition T&C: This competition is open to all South African residents and rubybox members only. The prize is a spa voucher to the value of R2000. 1 winner to be selected. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. The selected winner will need to have a physical South African delivery address for the hamper. The spa voucher winner will need to select a spa and beauty treatment of their choice which the voucher will be made for up to the value of R2000. To enter you need to answer the above question and comment with your answer. The winners will have 48 hours to acknowledge winning as well as confirm their delivery details and spa location. Should the winners fail to do this within 48 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The competition will close 17/08/2020  and the winners will be announced 18/08/2020. Judge’s decision is final. Once the voucher has been purchased, the spa T&C will be put in place and rubybox hold any responsibility thereafter.)

192 thoughts on “It’s Women’s Month!

  1. Jolene Steenkamp says:

    I am stronger than I think I am. I am independent and I can multi-task. As a woman, I am compassionate and have humilty. This is why I love being a woman.

  2. bongiwemwelase65 says:

    What I like about being a woman is that you are a God’s creation and have authority to live free spiritually and be in control of myself. Not being pulled from pillar to post but being steadfast and confident in living my life.

  3. selebaleb says:

    I love the fact that I can literally juggle alot of roles around alot of different people and that is a super power alone that was gifted by God to women.

  4. sulphy says:

    Your booty, your legs , your eyes, your hair, your smile ,your flaws, your heart whatever your blessed and born with it , you are beautiful start believing it

  5. Salma Abrahams says:

    Being a Women enabled me to become a Mother, and I have been blessed with 2 strong, loving, boys each with his own personality and quirks watching them grow into young men has made me the Happiest about being a Women and Mother. 😊

  6. Tamika Badenhorst says:

    I get alot of inspiration from my Mom Grandmother and Aunty’s on how to be a strong independant women, they strengthen me to be inspiring to other women. And because of that i know i am capable of doing anything i put my mind too. Being a women is also nuturing and compassionate.

  7. Marthelize Bostander says:

    The “challenge” started as a sign of solidarity to show injustice being faced by turkish women, and to show that that could be you tomorrow. Similar to the ‘Am I Next’ movement against GBV in SA, the focus has been on female empowerment and how us woman should be standing together and build one another and by the posting if the pictures and nomination you nominate a woman that you know has had it tough and i believ every woman has had if tough no matter how big or small the situation may seem in another one’s eyes, we all are doing the most to keep up in a society mostly ruled by men.🖤
    #rubybox #rubygems #riseupbeautifulyou

  8. moesha.hlengwa says:

    I love everything about being a women, or should I say female, I love the fact that we are built to be strong and yet soft, to fight and yet be gentle, we are design with such power, wisdom and voice, and yet we appear such tender creatures, as women we are born leader, or should I say we are born to nature, children, households, careers, we have the ability to turn anything we touch into Gold, it’s within us, naturally, we are born that way, nothing beats being female ♀️

  9. Manjoo Rughunandan says:

    Over the years, I faced many troubles and overcame many fears. I watched my child’s first step, their first day at school and the emotions you try to hide. Over the years I watched the country take shape over apartheid. I stood strong, educated my children, got them married. Now with 4 grandchildren, they give me joy. Now with the covid19 I stand strong, hoping every day will be better. Encouraging my children to be strong, though I haven’t seen them for the last 8 months because we live in different provinces. I hope to see them soon. I’m a proud mom and grandmom 🙏❤️

  10. simbonilenyoka98 says:

    What i love about being a woman is that, I can wish to be anything I want except that no one can do it like me.Most importantly I never want to any body else or change anything.

  11. Clare Snare says:

    What I love most about being a woman is our God given blessing to carry and birth the life we have in our world. I love that woman build a nation starting from the womb, to a household and in the world as a whole.

  12. mehnaazemmam says:

    To me being a woman means to be one with myself to have the nature and care only a woman can . Being a woman means alot to me it’s being who I am something from within to take charge and be independent to love and care and hold compassion. This hole woman cant do this canr fo fbat bullshit is bullshit as a woman we can do anything if we put our minds to being woman means we capable of anything and everything. Being a woman is being the strength and pillar to homd on for others . To be a woman is to be a blessing to the world we are the gift who brings gifts we are strong and to me that’s what I love most about being a woman . There is too much to say and not enough words to describe how much being a woman means its beyond anyone’s mind beyond any person mind what truly being a woman means.

  13. zimkhithadyosi says:

    What I love about being a woman is the strength we possess, the power we have, we have the strength to push out an entire human being out, we have the strength to push out a human being, we push out the babies inside of our tummies and we push out the bad and toxic people out of our lives. We are nurturing and deligent ❤️🌼. #proudtobeawoman #womensmonth. #iamaRubiebaby

  14. sikhakhanembali4 says:

    the most beautiful thing about being a woman is our ability feeling of love ,Care and concern for those we love
    .. it’s so natural .. and we have the ability to maltitask … to bring life to earth which is the most amazing thing in the universe

  15. tshegofatso.gina says:

    What I love most about being a woman is that I am unique in my own way, I carry all the unique traits no other human can carry. Being a woman means being powerful, passionate and a conquerer and nothing will stand in my way to do anything I want and reaching my goals. I am a kind rock which bear all things and can be dependent on. Lastly being a woman is a treasure everywhere you are. I am beautiful
    rubybox #rubygems #riseupbeautifulyou

  16. Sinothando Ntliziywana says:

    What I love about being a woman is that I’m strong and confident. Being a woman is not easy but the beauty about being a woman is having a choice, a choice to be able to do everything people thought you couldn’t do, a choice to bring a new life into this earth and nurture it. It feels good to know to bought life into earth protecting it and teach it from right and wrong from a tender age.

  17. shirazkhan says:


  18. taleighshaa says:

    I love being a woman because I have the ability to give life. My body has the ability to grow and create a safe place for another human being.


  19. ladykgopie says:

    What I love about being a woman is that I get to be a Protector of my children, a sister to my sisters and a loving daughter to my wonderful dad. I love being a woman especially because August is a big month for me, my birthday month (born August 22). In this month I would like to be of service to others especially now in this tough times. Being a woman means having compassion towards our fellow human beings. #rubybox #rubygems #riseupbeautifulyou

  20. padideborah says:

    Women are gifted individuals. I love being me and wouldn’t want to have had it the other way. Women have a lot of internal strength that no one can never take away. I mean from the experience of giving birth to raising our kids with love. Who doesn’t want a woman in his/her life, no one and this shows that woman are precious being.

  21. Kelumetse Matsoele says:

    The versatility that comes with being a woman. A woman can be anything she wants to be. I love my strength as a woman, the ability to give birth and still be able to hold the family down.

    • Audrey Gumede says:

      I envy the strength you portray every single day.

      I stan your admiral POWER to bring life into this world.

      The love you scatter all over is beyond immeasurable.

      Without your existance, life truly has no meaning.

      The negative attributes we put up with are nothing new hence we keep fighting the masses that try to defy us. From our ancestors that once walked before us and created a long line of strong impeccable women that we call our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers. We celebrate them everyday, we cherish them, we love them more than the world itself.

      Being a WOMAN is endless
      Being a WOMAN is selfless
      Being a WOMAN is effortless

      We make it look easy but it is not. I love each and every fiber of our God created Being and I respect the formation we’re moulded into hence we can do whatever we put our enlighted minds too.

      I am WOMAN
      I am #rubybox
      I am #rubygem

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