How To Shop Successfully During COVID-19

How To Shop Successfully During COVID-19

While we are all still day-dreaming of the day everything will go back to normal there have been a few steps in the right direction. Now that we have recently moved into a more chilled version of level 3 lockdown we are able to do some of the things we have been dying to do since strict lockdown started, SHOPPING!

Hold on before you get too excited with the drastic safety measures in place shopping just isn’t that fun anymore but a girls got to shop so how can we make it successful during lockdown when you aren’t able to try any clothing on in-store?

Pre-shop Prep

I know this might sound a little OTT but trust us when we say you don’t want to spend too much time browsing while having a mask on a struggling to breathe. A list is your friend so have a specific idea in mind of what you want to shop for. You have had the whole of lockdown to clear out that closest – work that list! Write down the shops you want to go visit and see if any of those shops have online stores that you can browse beforehand so when you see something in the flesh it’s a quick purchase. Note to self: wear something comfy when going to shop chances are you will be standing and queueing for a while and that’s not fun to do in uncomfortable shoes.

Will it fit me?

We know, sizes are a joke and constantly change from store to store so what do you do? Check the size charts online and measure your leg length, hips, waist, shoulders, and bust to see which sizes match up to you per store. Also, a good idea would be to check items of clothing you already have from that store and base your purchase on those sites. Otherwise, if worse comes to worst you’ll just have to purchase both sizes and take it home to try on and return the one that doesn’t fit – mission we know!

Stop buying random items!

Shopping during the pandemic means less time for endless browsing. You want to be as effective and quick as possible which is not only good for your wallet but also good for the environment. Say no to grabbing items of clothing you don’t have an outfit in mind for. Remember basics are your friend right now because even though we are slowly starting to come out of what is the worst of this pandemic we are still pretty much homebound. Meaning hello more comfy clothes like sweats, t-shirts, sweaters, and long sleeve tops because let’s face it comfy is the new chic!

Happy shopping rubies and don’t forget your hand sanitizer and mask.

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Will any of you be using these tips and tricks when going shopping over the next few weeks? Let us know in the comments section below.


Stay safe

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    My mister is a family man, in such times where Gender Based Violence is such a challenge he has published a book oh how to be a man, he goes around school, companies for campaigs snd awareness and yet he still have some time for his family and so hands on with the kids so my mister is definitely a Mr Family
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    #rubyboxNiveaMister #NIVEAMen: I would go with Mr Family Man because you dont just think about yourself but also about other and as you will look after yourself you will look after your wife and kids and other family members because you are taking care of what is important in your life and whats around you. If we care, love and reach out to others that we make a better world for all of us.

  3. alngubane says:

    I am lucky my size has remained the same over the years so COVID 19 can miss me as l will be shopping online, staying at home has me feeling like l won’t be needing my office clothes so l gave away a lot from charities run by friends , to cousins and nieces and was able to sell those stellar pieces for some little cashback. Win-win!

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