How to plan a virtual wedding

How to plan a virtual wedding

With most of the country still being under level 3 lockdown and weddings of more than 10 people are still a big no-no, virtual weddings have become the way to go! If you haven’t moved out your wedding to next year and still want to get married under the circumstances, here is a step-by-step on how to plan a virtual wedding.

Step 1: Choose Your Platform


Zoom has multiple subscription options from free (40min limited on group calls), $14,99 per month (100 participants) or $19,99 (300 participants.) Zoom is a great option for you to be able to see your guest reactions and interact with them. You can also continue the party into the reception, allowing the wedding party and parents to give speeches, having your first dance and even doing the cake cutting!

Facebook Live

An AMAZING free option to consider! Invite your guests to a private group, and create a private event for them to RSVP to. At the time your virtual wedding is to start, your guests can hop on to watch you say your “I do”s! Guests are also able to comment on the live video for you to read afterwards, but also post their well-wishes on the group in the days and weeks leading up to the ceremony. Although some of your guests might not have Facebook and you won’t be able to interact with your guest face to face – the basic idea applies!

Step 2: Organize the Necessary Tech Gear

You will need any tech gear with a camera. When using a mobile phone or a camera, you will need to organise a tripod to mount it to. This will ensure a steady and even viewing for your guests. Make sure to do a couple of test runs before your big day on the platform you have decided to use, to ensure that the angle and quality is perfect!

Step 3: Coordinate with Any Vendors

Although you probably won’t be able to use many vendors, you can still use some! A photographer, a wedding cake and an officiant are great vendors to still use at your location while maintaining a social distance.

Step 4: Inform Your Guests

Let your guest know when, where and how. Go paperless and send your guest a beautiful invitation via email, Whatsapp, etc. Do remember to add the Zoom or Facebook Group link to your invitation!

Step 5: Get Prepared

The day before, try to set up as much as you can and do a test run. The test run will assure that everything runs super smooth on the big day and that everything looks perfect from your guests point of view!

Step 6: Get Married!

Now all that is left to do is say “I do!”

We know that these times are uncertain and unpredictable, but the best thing to do is to make the most of this situation. This solution for a wedding is an amazing and unique alternative, plus one your guest will forever remember. You can also always celebrate in person once restrictions are lifted!


So rubies, who is considering a virtual wedding? Let us know what you think!

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