How to Get Them to Swipe Right Every Time

Building your profile on a dating app is like choosing what outfit to wear on a night out, except it’s you and your personality – there’s a lot more at stake! Whether you’re looking for a hook up or a soulmate, if you’re on a dating app you’re going to want to look impressive to any potential partners.

But where to start? How do you make sure that you’re looking as hot as you are to all of your potential suitors? We’ve got your back. Here’s the ultimate guide to building the perfect online dating profile to reel ‘em all in.


This is the main event, so it can often be the most stressful. Because dating apps rely largely on looks for the first impression, it’s important that you curate the right selection of photos to catch people’s eyes. Upload as many photos as the app will allow you – the more the better. Make sure you’ve got a good mix of different types of photos in there that show you from all angles.

A selfie or two is great, but get some full body shots and maybe one with some friends to flaunt your beautiful self from all angles and in all sorts of settings. Try to make sure that none of your photos are too similar. Eye contact and a flirty look go a long way towards making you look super sexy. Try not to add any photos where somebody is obviously cropped out of it – everyone knows it’s your ex sweetie!

Flaunt Your Sense of Humour

Whether it’s in your profile or your bio, adding a little humour is never a bad thing! Showing that you don’t take yourself too seriously is super attractive, and everyone loves a good laugh.

Keep Your Bio Short and Sweet

Nobody wants to take the time to read a memoir documenting your whole life story on Tinder. Not only will you lose peoples’ attention, but there’s more to find fault with considering people are extra sensitive to dislikes and turn-offs when they’re only looking at your photos and not interacting with you in person. Add in a few essential titbits of information and maybe some eye catching emojis to represent your interests or your aesthetic.

You don’t want to give everything away from the get go – it’s nice to maintain a little mystery and have things about you for people to discover themselves rather than telling them outright. That being said, it’s good to have something in there that they can hook onto and use as an icebreaker. It could even be directly in the form of a question, such as “message me with your favourite band”.

Last but certainly not least, remember to be unapologetically yourself. We know how scary it can be to put yourself out there and the fear of rejection is real, but remember that just you are perfect as you are.

You’ll be more than good enough for the perfect person being your authentic self, so don’t feel like you have to change a thing! Remember, you’ve got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.

Let us know in the comments below if any of you will be giving these tips a try when loading your online dating profile?

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