How to form a new habit (and stick with it) in 7 steps 📓

Have you ever set a goal, small or big, and gave up on it mid-way? We all have and there is nothing to be ashamed of. We live life and we learn – BUT that is what we are here for, to stand together, lift each other up and help one another achieve their goals!

Here are a few steps,, suggests to form and new habit (AND stick with it):

1. Focus on ONE new habit

Like they say, “one step at a time” – well, in this case, one HABIT at a time! It is easier to stick with a new habit when there is only one thing to focus on. Focussing on one habit at a time and taking the time to work it into your daily life, increases the odds of success.

2. Commit for a minimum of 30 days

Although it varies from person to person and the actual habit you are trying to form, try implementing this new habit for at least 30 days. As hard as this sounds, time will fly by, we promise!

3. Anchor your new habit to an established habit explains that habits should not be based on motivations, fads or temporary desire. It should be something that can fit into your daily life and daily habits. Try adding it as an additional step to something you do religiously every day. For example, working out after you have brushed your teeth, or writing what you are grateful for after making your bed in the morning.

4. Take baby steps

Like we all do, we have days where our motivation for anything is low. Try to create habits that are easy that, even on days where you have no motivation, you can still stick to. Example:

  • Walking for just 5 minutes a day.
  • Writing one paragraph of your book.
  • Eating one serving of vegetables each day.
  • Making one sales call to a prospective customer.
  • Waking up each morning 10 minutes earlier.

5. Make a plan for obstacles

Try and plan for days when things just won’t go your way. Time, pain, weather, space, costs and self-consciousness are common obstacles. If you prepare a plan B for days with obstacles, you won’t be blindsided by them! For example, “If I have a really bad day at work and don’t feel like working out, I will still walk briskly for at least 15 minutes.”

6. Create accountability for your habit explains, “according to the lessons learned from the Hawthorne effect, you’re more likely to follow through with a commitment when you’re being observed by others.” Post on social media or talk to your besties about your new habit. Knowing you will be held accountable for your habit keeps you focused and consistent! This is also a great way to have a support system that will motivate you on days you are not motivated and help achieve your goals.

7. Reward important milestones

Celebrate when achieving a milestone to your overall goal and forming your habit! Make the process to your goal/ habit fun and rewarding, treat yourself to a movie or do something you love.


We hope this will help with your future goals and habits rubies. Let us know what your thoughts are and what habit you would like to form? We are here to support one another and help where we can! ♥︎

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90 thoughts on “How to form a new habit (and stick with it) in 7 steps 📓

  1. elizalyciousat74 says:

    I always,and I mean “ALWAYS ” start something then bail out half way through! E.g when buying groceries, I’d make a list of important things but will end up overspending there are a dozen things that I’ve left incomplete 😢.Thanks for the tips I’ll start with baby steps 😍

  2. Ziphozonke Masombuka says:

    I’ve BEEN saying to myself that I need to start running again and I’ve run out of excuses to convince myself why I should start the next week. Definitely going to try out these 7 steps

  3. Andrea Pillay says:

    I actually wasted an entire year of my studies by just being lazy. I kept on procrastinating until I missed assignment dates etc. I eventually got myself together and completed my Diploma.

  4. soniadantyi says:

    Exercising has been something that I have engaged in. Every 3 days I take an hour releasing tension on my body. A little tough but I try by all means.

    • Robin-Lee Storm says:

      One of my new years goal was to start incorporating excercise but with 2 kids under 5 I am constantly tired. So I starting setting realistic goals e.g. instead of walking 10 000 steps to rather 5000. Because I know I wont walk that amount on a daily. If I walked 4000+ i will ensure my count hits that 5 🤣🤣

  5. khutsoramaesela says:

    Jogging has been difficult for me since I started doing some home workouts or exercise,i would like to jog every morning before I start my day.