How To Ask For A Raise

No one enjoys talking about money but sometimes it is necessary. Trying to figure out how to ask for a raise can be daunting. Take a look at the tips bellow to help you finally get the money you deserve.

Do your research: You should start preparation months before asking for a raise. After being in a role for six months you could schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your long term goals and to make sure that you are doing everything you can to set yourself up for success.

Ensure you track the feedback you have implemented so that you can pin point how you went above and beyond on a project or how you improved a certain sector in the company.

Timing: A key point is that you should only ask for a raise when you know the company is in a good financial position. Preferably during an annual or quarterly review, but if your company doesn’t do this then the best time is to ask close to the end of a fiscal year. Another time you could raise the question is when you have excelled in a task and your boss has recognised this.

Know your worth: Make sure you have researched your market value, do this either by looking up salary trends for your position.

Once you have all the relevant data you can set up a meeting with your supervisor. If you are nervous about the meeting then try writing a short script of what you are wanting to say.

During the meeting it is vital that you be confident and carry yourself well before diving into your pitch, take it slow and easy. Also remember that an employer is often looking to give raises to people based on performance and not the real cost of living in comparison to ones salary.

The outcome: Your manager may agree and say they believe you deserve a raise but there is always the possibility that they could reject your pitch. If they do reject your pitch, ask them things such as what is it you would like to see from me before increasing my salary?

Either way try to end the meeting on a good note. Either way keep excelling at what you do because hard work always pays off.



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