Help! What’s My Skin Type?

In order to maintain and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy it is vital to know what your skin type is. Do you know what your skin type is?

Some of us think we do, but we actually have it all wrong. We created this article to help you find, or double check that you’ve got your skin type right.


There are 4 main skin types, and these are all determined by how much oil your skin produces: oily, combination, normal, and dry. Below is a description for each skin type and the most common characteristics:


This means that your skin is producing just the right amount of oil and your skin will be:
– Neither oily nor dry
– Have small pores
– May also get a little shiny on the T-zone towards late afternoon
– Occasionally be little dry on the cheeks
– Have the occasional pimple or blackhead


This means that your skin is not producing enough oil and:
– Never gets shiny – has a matte appearance all over
– Has very small or invisible pores
– May also be slightly flaky
– Feel tight or uncomfortable
– Be prone to fine lines


This means that your skin is producing different amounts of oil in different areas and:
– Develops an oily or shiny appearance on the T-zone by the afternoon
– Does not get shiny all over
– May also have visible pores on the T-zone
– Be prone to breakouts, pimples and blackheads
– Occasionally get slightly dry on the cheeks


This means that your skin is producing too much oil and:
– Has an oily or shiny appearance by midday, all over the face
– May also have large visible pores
– Be prone to breakouts, pimples and blackheads


So, there you have it rubies – we hope this helped you find your real skin type – however, you need to remember a few things:

Your skin type can, and will change throughout your life, depending on what climate you live in, how old you are, hormonal changes, etc.

This means that your current skin type may not be the same as your skin type five years ago, and it might not be the same in 5 years’ time – you need to constantly re-assess your skin’s needs to ensure you are using the right products.


Every skin is different. Skin types have been narrowed down to four basic types, because it makes it easier to get an idea of what products may be suitable for you.

However, if you feel that you don’t quite fit into any of the types shown above, we suggest visiting a dermatologist where you can get a personalised analysis and recommendation for your specific skin type.


We hope this helped, please be sure to share any tricks you may have in identifying your skin type – or let us know if we have helped you find your skin type. (Gold Star for us! 😉