Hair Styles For Every Face Shape [Short Hair]

Whether you’re wanting to go shorter for summer, or to get rid of damaged ends, or if you are simply looking for a new look – it can be challenging to find a short hair style that will compliment your beauty instead of make you look like a teenage boy.

That’s why it’s best to pick a style that works best for your face shape. Whether it’s heart shaped, oval, round, or square – we have our top best short hair styles for every face shape.


If You Have an Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape you can totally pull of the pixie hair cut of your dreams – look to celebrities like Zoë Kravitz. It might seem short but it can be styled in so many different ways – you can brush it forward for a soft fringe, or go for a deep side path. Ok, yes we also love this style as it means more time to spend on make-up and clothes when getting ready!




If You Have a Square Face

Look to celebrities like Olivia Wilde for inspiration.The key is to add softness if you have a square-shaped face. Ask your stylist to create texture to give an ‘airiness’ to your ends. For length it’s important to not cut the hair on the jawline, but rather an inch or two below your jawline.




If You Have a Heart Face

Our favorite heart-shaped face celebrity has to be Kerry Washington. She knows how to work every style with her face shape. The most important part – the fringe. Keep the bangs long and side-swept to add definition to cheekbones and flatter any heart-shaped face. Ideal length would be shoulder-length.




If You Have a Round Face

Look to celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, a bob or lob (long bob) is the perfect style if you have a round face. Volume in the right places is key, it needs to be at the crown of the head – You definitely don’t want a haircut that adds volume at the jawline or this will accentuate your face shape. If you prefer bangs then go for soft longer bangs – avoid short blunt bangs. The key is to keep the look soft.