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Gross blackhead removal videos we can’t stop watching

When someone says don’t think of a pink elephant what do you think of? A pink elephant. The same goes for gross blackhead removal videos which we can’t stop watching.

These videos are stomach-turning, vomit-inducing footage that beauticians have shared with the followers on Instagram.

Dr. Pimple Popper was the first time many were introduced this weird craze – and it hasn’t slowed down since with tons of videos on social media and YouTube.

We’ve put together some of our top gross-but-can’t-stop-watching blackhead removal videos. if you’re ready to be totally grossed out scroll down and see how many you can watch:







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Soo satisfying 😨😨

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Are you also addicted to this gross but satisfying video craze? Comment below to let us know.

Feeling like you need to do some blackhead removal yourself? Click here for an easy all-natural, at-home blackhead removal recipe.

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      Hi Puleng, what I know for aging skin is that you need to invest in a great cleanser and moisturizer and sunscreen for your skin. I swear by the occasional African black soap once a month and also using cetaphil. There are great face masks that you will need to try and make sure whatever you use has tea tree oil, you won’t go wrong. Whatever you do decide on please please make sure you always wear sunscreen… spf 50+

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