Frazer Parfum Winner – A Luxury Bespoke Experience

The mist hung lightly over Cape Town and set a cool background for our bespoke luxury experience winner at the Frazer Parfum studio on Tuesday morning.

When entering the studio we were immediately welcomed with a soft, clean scent of lilies. The lighting was set just right to create a warm, calming environment, with the one side of the studio painted in luxurious rich yellow. A few decorative ornaments filled the space, allowing the lingering scents to do all the talking.


Sharon Su – our lucky ruby who won the bespoke luxury experience has been a ruby since 2012 and was thrilled to hear she had won!

Frazer Parfum takes you on a journey through who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going. The end result – a signature fragrance and a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Tammy Frazer (founder of Frazer Parfum and perfumer) started the process by asking Sharon some questions to get to know her personality a bit better. After only a few minutes it became evident that Sharon’s fragrance would be designed around her new born baby, Elijah. With the notes working together to create a subtle, calming scent that would be worn by Sharon and safe for both mom and newborn.

With this in mind Tammy suggested an oil based fragrance as opposed to an alcohol based one, which would be safer around the baby (a bonus for Sharron as the oil base is better for her dry skin type).
Tammy explained that there are three layers in every fragrance – the first are the top notes (citrus), these last around 20 minutes; second the heart notes (floral), which last around 4-6 hours and finally the base notes (wood) which last up to 6-8 hours.

The next step was for Sharon to select her ‘notes’ which would work together, creating the final scent. She got to smell a wide variety of notes, including some she never thought could be included in a fragrance; such as basil, coriander and wild carrot. With the new knowledge of Sharon’s personality, story and what she wanted to evoke when smelling her personal fragrance, Tammy will compose Sharon’s very own bespoke fragrance.

Thank you to Frazer Parfum for this incredible prize, and to Tammy who allowed us to share her wonderful talent of creating such a personal gift for our lucky ruby, Sharon.

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