Foods That Speed Up Your Body’s Aging Process

When it comes to aging the two main culprits that speed up the process are sun exposure and AGE’s (advanced glycation end products). AGE’s form when protein and fat combine with sugar. You can 100 percent control these culprits by, using sunscreen and keeping and eye on your diet.

So we have put together a list of foods and alternatives to help keep you skin looking its best, but remember every person is unique and not everyone will benefit from eating raw, clean, or whole only.


Sweet potato fries instead of french fries

Food that is fried in oil at a high temperature releases free radicals that can cause damage to skin cells. Exposure to free radicals speeds up the aging process by weaken the skin’s elasticity. Also consuming too much salt can draw water out from the skin and lead to dehydration. When your skin becomes dehydrated it leads to the formation of wrinkles. Click here to find out how you can ensure your body is always hydrated.

Swop: Switch out your french fries for a baked sweet potato or sweet potato fries, as they are rich in ant-aging copper, which aids in the production of collagen.


Olive oil instead of margarine 

Margarine is worse than moderate amounts of real butter due to it containing hydrogenated oils. These oils make skin sensitive to UV rays which in turn damage the skin’s collagen and elasticity.

Swop: Opt for either olive oil or even smear avo as an alternative, both are rich in anti-aging antioxidants.


Chicken instead of processed meats 

Ham, bacon and sausage are all examples of processed meats that can cause harm to your skin. These meats are high in sodium, saturated fats and sulphate, which all dehydrate skin and weaken collagen by causing inflammation.

Swop: Opt for lean meats such as chicken, which is packed with protein and amino acids which are essential for the production of collagen.


Leave the dairy behind

This all depends on the person. For some. dairy may increase inflammation, which can lead to oxidative stress which is one of the main causes of early aging.

Swop: Yes dairy is a great source of calcium which is essential for all round health but, you there are other sources of calcium such as, seeds, beans, figs, almonds and leafy greens.


Drink alcohol in moderation 

Alcohol can be the root to many health issues including the appearance of your skin. It can cause redness, puffiness, loss of collagen and wrinkles. Alcohol depletes your skins nutrients, hydration and vitamin A levels. Vitamin A is extremely important as it is needed for new cell growth as well as the production of collagen.

Swop: There isn’t really a swop out for alcohol, but we advise that you drink in moderation and always you ensure you stay well hydrated during drinks.


So rubies, did you find this article helpful and did you learn something new?


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