[Feb Newsletter] Gorgeous gorgeous girls deserve love 💋

Ah, Valentine’s Day one of the most Marmite days of the calendar where you either look forward to sharing a romantic evening with your partner or galentine (which ever you are into) or if you’re very single like we are – you dread it.

While all your friends are busy enjoying their romantic evening with a glass of vino what the hell are the rest of us supposed to do? Luckily after many years of practice, we’ve pretty much nailed the I’m-single-but-everything’s-fine Valentine’s Day plans – so here it goes

Netflix marathon, pizza and turn your phone off

Nothing says self-care quite like your favourite TV show, eating junk food and being on your own where nobody can see you. The key message here being: turn off your phone. We know how tempting it can be to text your ex especially during the most romantic time of the year but gorgeous gorgeous girls are stronger than the urge to text their ex.

Turn off that phone for the evening and practice some self-love as you in still that mindset that Jennifer Aniston is single, and so are you.

Take YOURSELF out for dinner

Yes, we here you it does sound a loser-ish way to spend Valentine’s Day – especially when it’s going to be more obvious then not that you’re single but just hear us out:

Supper clubs/ Casual dining

We love restaurant that allow you to sit at the bar and eat. Mostly because everyone is sat in a line and you can’t really tell who’s out with who and because you’re alone the only one who will notice you ordering all the desserts off the dessert menu is the bartender.

Or if you begin to realize it’s not really your thing it’s the perfect time to pull your laptop or phone our for moral support and watch your fav Netflix show and eat great food. #WinWin

Go on a dating app

Why not manifest in your single-ness and go on a dating app for the evening. Who knows you might find yourself organizing a date, a chill out session or just getting to know someone you have never met before. Either way it keeps you distracted so if you are looking for something casual? Tinder A relationship? Hinge Or if you are just testing the waters? Bumble – thank us later!

Host a pal-entines party

Well it might feel like everyone is getting married, engaged or otherwise settling down with a lover – it’s not quite the case. You’ll find that have WAY more single friends than you think so why not round them all up and celebrate how single you are altogether?

An opportunity like this doesn’t happen often when you can share horribly awkward first date stories, drink lots of wine and when your top ends up purple from all the wine stains there is zero judgment.


Practice loving YOURself in whatever way that means to you. Online shopping, face masks or whatever makes you feel good. If you are newly single and facing Valentine’s Day alone consider spending the money that you would’ve on your ex on that bag you’ve been eyeing for ages.

Treat it like any other day

Why the hell not – we don’t need a special day to tell someone how much we love them. A lot of us have chosen to be single and with that we need to just embrace it then rather pitying the situation.

Remember it’s a yearly celebration that we’ll get to join in with at some point no doubt but for now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting that life admin done, hitting the gym and then eating your bodyweight in chocolate – nailed it!


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Don’t forget to comment below and let us know what Valentine’s Day plans you have this year? 💋❤️

Here’s to another incredible year with you rubies 💋

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193 thoughts on “[Feb Newsletter] Gorgeous gorgeous girls deserve love 💋

      • tswelopeleh says:

        I decided to surprise him with a weekend getaway somewhere in the bushes,we will be celebrating our first valentines together as its a new love.honeymoon stage😍🥰

      • skhosana717 says:

        Since its a working day I’ll cook for him a nice dinner and a nice gift i already bought for him just enjoy our time together ❤ God knows how much i love that man

    • nsibandenomfundo says:

      My relationship of 4 years has fall out unfortunately this is not an amazing valentines day for me but I’ll take these tips and date my self, do something that will cheer me up atleast ❤️❤️

    • khomotsoc41 says:

      First time spending my Valentine’s day alone,is not going to be easy but hey i just have to understand.My Fiance is away due to work and honestly this Valentine’s day will feel different.I felt so special because he treated me like a queen on this day❤️❤️❤️
      Facebook Motso Pudikabekwa

  1. Janine Brothers says:

    I will be surprising my hubby with a outdoor candle lit dinner. Just want to spoil him and show my appreciation for all his sacrifices for us♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Anne De Air says:

      A Happy & Blissful February Rubies❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Looking forward to a fabulous Valentines Day spent with my husband starting off with a couples spa day from me to him & he is a hopeless romantic with aot of surprises 🤗💋❤️👌☺️

  2. stiesiehartzenberg1 says:

    Happy 1st February 🎉 The month of love like people say 🤗
    I got a few tricks to plan something small and simple for my husband. I have decided that I don’t want to go out, I just want to hangout indoors for a change ❤️

  3. Abegail Oostendorp says:

    Even though I have a partner, I know there will be no celebrations for me on Valentine’s day this year. The same old excuse of I don’t have money….. That’s my life

    • rapelego1993 says:

      Would most likely spend it at home binge watching series because we don’t have a sitter🤣. Valentines for 4.

      Instagram: DineoTladi_
      Facebook: Dineo Tladi