Fade? That’s just a four-letter word

Everyone enjoys a little colour and change when it comes to their hairdo, whether it’s test-driving blonde locks for summer, going dark and mysterious or just covering up a little grey.

The flipside to any hair transformation? Your vibrant new colour doesn’t last very long, and the dyeing process leaves hair dry and damaged – which can make colour fade twice as fast and decrease hair’s ability to hold colour going forward. So what’s the solution?

The new Dove Colour Radiance range works to nourish and protect coloured and treated hair, keeping it healthy and vibrant for longer thanks to the patented Vibrant Colour Lock technology, which retains colour and slows down the fading process.

Recognising that each woman is unique, Dove has developed a full range of Colour Radiance products that will fit perfectly into your hair care regime…

Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo
Your go-to daily shampoo that gently cleanses and conditions hair, so colour stays vibrant for longer.

Dove Colour Radiance Conditioner
The perfect partner for any pamper session, Colour Vibrant Lock nourishes hair deeply, leading to healthy hair and brilliant colour.

Dove Colour Radiance Daily Treatment Conditioner
Got three minutes to spare in the mornings? This daily conditioner has a dual-action formulation that gives your hair the nourishment it needs to retain colour and shine.

Dove Colour Radiance Leave-In Conditioning Spray
For those mornings when you’re running late, use the convenient conditioning spray for perfectly manageable locks, instant shine and protection on the run.

Dove Colour Radiance Deep Replenishing Mask
For those days when your hair desperately needs some TLC, this mask offers intense hydration and rebuilds damaged hair.


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