Everyday Wet Hair and Make-Up Look

Everyday Wet Hair and Make-Up Look

We know most of you might be saying whats the point. Why get all dressed up and put make-up on if theres no where you can really go to show it off. You may have a valid point there but remember despite what some people might think lockdown won’t be forever and eventually everything is going to go back to normal. We for one can’t wait for that day!

But, for right now why not embrace this time you have to figure your best go to make-up looks for everyday wear or how you could rock wet hair next time you go into the office. We have so much time on our hands why not make it worth our while and test these looks out. We know that regardless if we are just staying at home all day during lockdown we still like to get dressed and put a simple make-up look on. It keeps us motivated during this time and makes us feel good.

Below South African YouTuber Tshego Makoe shows us a simple everyday wet hair and make-up look.

We are obsessed and cannot wait to try it!

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rubies will you be trying this make-up look in preparations for your post lockdown day out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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One thought on “Everyday Wet Hair and Make-Up Look

  1. scheepers199402 says:

    Hi Rubies
    Even during lock down I took the time to figure out how certain make up trends looked on me and which fashionable put fits suited my slender body.
    Some times we feel so miserable due to the circumstance but trying out a little make up now and then during lock down can get your Spirt up.

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