Eucerin Caring Oil – More Stretch. Less Visible Marks

Eucerin Caring Oil has been developed specifically for the needs of dry, sensitive skin which is prone to stretch marks and is ideal for use during pregnancy and after and can be used on babies and children. The preservative-free formula is a selected composition of pure natural oils like sunflower seed, jojoba and almond with a high amount of essential fatty acids and contains natural Vitamin E.

The result: the appearance of stretch marks is significantly reduced. The skin is smooth and feels silky soft.

More Stretch. Less Visible Marks

  • Suitable during the whole pregnancy and after
  • Suitable for children and babies
  • Very good efficacy and tolerability on dry sensitive skin-proven by clinical and dermatological studies
  • Visibly helps prevent & reduce stretch marks with regular massage
  • Absorbs quickly, easy to spread
  • Enhances skin elasticity


* Treated area shows skin after twice-daily use for six months.

We’re sending this product to rubies who have already answered profiled questions and been matched to the product. They will be testing this product daily for a period of 8 weeks then sharing their feedback and reviews on rubybox. The final group will be notified via email within the next 48hours with their tracking details.

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353 thoughts on “Eucerin Caring Oil – More Stretch. Less Visible Marks

          • sibisinondumiso01 says:

            I just recently had a baby girl and I have a lot of stretch marks tht I’m trying to get rid of, I would like to try out your EucrinSA products to them #Rubybox#EucrinSA #

        • gugule2masina says:

          I have really bad stretchmarks from pregnancy and c-section scar , my skin is dry. I would like to try out the Eucerin Caring Oil with high hopes that it will boost my confidence.

      • adelinempaketsane says:

        Hi family. I would love to test this product on my body and face, I want to see if my skin can heal from dryness and maybe I can glow flawlessly and have my confidence. I also have a friend suffering a very dry skin, I know she will want to buy after she see my glow after trying this.

    • Pamela Snipes says:

      Received my package, can’t wait to see the difference in the stretch marks I currently have. #rubybox#rubyboxeucerincaringoil#morestretchlessvisiblemarks

      • dipuomononyane says:

        I would like to try this product sample to remove my pregnancy stretch marks i head it’s one of the best products.. #rubybox

    • khanyikhanyile81 says:

      I would like to be given a chance to test this as I am 5 months pregnant and it’s my second child. I have streach marks from my previous pregnancy and it’s was a c section.
      #rubybox #rubyboxeucerincaringoil #EucerinSA #EucerinCaringOil #MoreStretchLessVisibleMarks

    • kulungamazibuko012 says:

      I would love to test the product. I developed serious strechmakrs after giving birth to my twin boys. And also my skin is dry.. Hence this product might be the answer to my problems..

    • sellomaleshoane74 says:

      I am confident enough that Eucerin caring oil is going to do an excellent to fade fade away stretch marks on our bodies, I can wait to start applying it on my stretch marks.

    • Mbaliyethemba Mqadi says:

      I’d also love love love to try out the product as I have those really stubborn stretch marks that women usually have on their tummy after giving birth and I’ve tried everything but nothing was worth trying and I’ve honestly given up since I don’t know what to try anymore and it really brings down my self-esteem 😔💔 … But looking at this product a little bit of hope comes back that, that maybe there is just this one more thing…. 😊🥰♥️ And I’ll be able to wear my bikini again after a year and 7 months of forgetting it even exists!!!
      #rubybox #rubyboxeucerincaringoil #EucerinSA #EucerinCaringOil #MoreStretchLessVisibleMarks

    • Theresa Leith says:

      I would love to test the product & also share it with my friends who have just recently given birth & are having trouble with stubborn stretchmarks

  1. lalagirl.lala3 says:

    I Would Love to test this Product never received anything from Rubybox #rubybox #rubyboxeucerincaringoil #EucerinSA #EucerinCaringOil #MoreStretchLessVisibleMarks

    • sellomaleshoane74 says:

      Finally my stretch marks will fade away I trust Eucerin it has been so good on my face I am happy same thing is going to happen on my stretch marks.

    • Siphokazi Qinga says:

      I would love to test Eucerin Caring Oil with my daughter as we on a healthy weight loss diet plan, the results of weight loss comes with stretch marks and itchy skin and will share with friends and loved ones.

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