Embrace Being Delightfully Feminine [WIN]

As women we are all different and beautifully unique in our own way. Show us how you express your beautifully feminine side. Whether it be painting your nails, doing your hair, having a bubble bath or dressing in your own unapologetically you style.

Feminine beauty can be shown and worn in so many different ways because each woman has their own way of feeling feminine.

Sharing your delightfully feminine stories can be fun and freeing. Not only that but the more we talk, the more we encourage other women to be truly feminine and embrace their badass selves.

WIN by sharing how you are #delightfullyfeminine:

Stand a chance to win a La Vie Eau de Parfum hamper!

  • Share what you do to feel/makes you feel #delightfullyfeminine in the comments down below
  • Include these hashtags: #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine

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Good luck rubies! x

Competition T&C: This competition is only open to rubybox members residing in South Africa. The prize is a La Vie Eau de Parfum hamper. The hamper cannot be exchanged for cash. The selected winner will need to have a physical South African delivery address. To enter you need to follow the above instructions. The winner will have 24 hours to acknowledge winning as well as confirm their delivery. Should the winner fail to do this within 24 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The competition will close midnight 14/09/2021  and the winner will be announced 15/09/2021. Judge’s decision is final. The hamper will be sent within 4 weeks of the competition closing.

505 thoughts on “Embrace Being Delightfully Feminine [WIN]

  1. zanelen105 says:

    I am so delighted to get this opportunity with #rubybox
    #Justinefragrance I like the scent of rose and a little bit of sandalwood so that I can feel the confidence around me.I like rosy freshness so that wherever I go I leave the mark.I am a woman of no excuse when it comes to fragrance I am so in love with the freshness and smell it goes together with neatness which is my middle name😍❤#rubybox

  2. mkhizec4 says:

    Being delightfully feminine for me is being myself in every aspect, not doing this for the sake of people and yet getting compliments from them. Being a simple person, I don’t expect much from the world but the world gives me so much. Simplicity and smelling good is one of the ways that makes me delightfully feminine.

  3. Fadwah Zoutenberg says:

    What make me #delightfullyfeminine is seeing to myself first,showered,dressed,,makeup and doing things for me,that is my Saturdays do’s.
    #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine

  4. Jolene says:

    What makes me #delightfullyfeminine is taking some me time for myself by practicing self care. I do my hair, my nails, dress up, put on some lovely perfume, take some selfies and have a glass of wine while listening to some great music.
    #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine

  5. zipho.rapiya says:

    What makes me #delightfullyfeminine is on a Monday morning when I know I look good, smell great and feel amazing. That’s when the peak of being woman is heighten. Plus my week always goes perfectly because my mind is in it.
    #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine

  6. Shana says:

    There are quite a few things that make me feel #delightfullyfeminine. A big one used to be wearing a beautiful dress. Although I still feel that way, the pandemic has given me much fewer opportunities to dress up. During this time I have actually been indulging in more perfume to feel good about myself and feel feminine. I will put on some sort of fragrance almost everyday, even if I am just working out or working on my computer because it makes me feel great and it makes me feel feminine. I also enjoy putting on jewellery even if I am not going anywhere.

    #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine

  7. lamolakgabo25 says:

    Smelling nice with a kinky harido and dressing nice and comfortable in a funky way. Being considerate of others and applauding others.
    #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine

  8. shamillae19 says:

    #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine
    Scents are uniquely you… they tell a story about who you are… confident and all woman… I love the Vanilla scent because it celebrates my uniqueness and makes me feel good about myself

  9. nontuthuzelo.swazigummy.gumede says:

    What makes me feel delightfully feminine is being able to look at myself daily and not compare myself to others. I have learnt to appreciate other beautiful women but also appreciate myself and my beauty too #delightfullyfeminine
    #rubybox #JustineFragrance #CelebrateLifewithLaVie #delightfullyfeminine

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