Drunk Personality Types

In celebration of the alcohol ban being lifted we thought to commemorate this occasion by discussing four main types of drunk personalities. According to psychologists there are four main types of ‘drunk’ based on how we handle our liquor in social settings.

These four types of drunk personalities have been coincidentally matched up with some popular characters: Hemingway, Mary Poppins, Mr Hyde and the Nutty Professor. Take a look below to see where you and your friends fit in.

Hemingways – Much like Ernst Hemingways himself, this is the friend who can chug back anything and everything without anyone even flinching an eyelid. Those in this drunk type only undergo a slight personality change if that when intoxicated.

Mary Poppins – This drunk type group captures the sweet, responsible drinkers who experience fewer alcohol related problems compared to the most of us.

Mr. Hyde – This drunk type experiences a negative drunk transformation. Members of this group, much like the dark sided Mr.Hyde, have a tendency of being particularly less responsible, less intellectual and are certainly the life of the party as their alter-ego is woken up after a couple of drinks. This group is known to experience harmful consequences from their drinking such as blacking out, drunk texting or causing unnecessary chaos.

Nutty Professor – This is a group which tends to be particularly introverted when sober, but after a drink or two turns into the life of the party. This group is still in control even when they are drunk, they do not black out nor cause any chaos they merely becoming less shy and introverted as the drinks flow.

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So rubies let us know in the comments section below which character you are after a couple glasses of vino.

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  1. Raesetša M. says:

    Matching none of the above. I give the best advice when I’ve had a couple. Husband knows not to test my general knowledge. Whether I make sense? Totally don’t know;but I’ve had people say thank you for the pep talk last night 🤷🏾‍♀️