Don’t Forget To Close The Lid When You Flush

Have you ever heard of the term toilet plume?

Well if not, take a read below and you shall soon find out.

Toilet plume is a scientific term used to describe the germs and fecal matter that get forced upwards out of the toilet bowl when you flush the toilet.

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With one flick of the lever, the swirling toilet water whisks away your business down the sewer but it also shoots it into the air, reaching your counter tops, your towels and even your toothbrush.

There is not an exact measurement for how far toilet flume can spray but it has been said to be able to reach around 6 feet (about 180cm) from the toilet.

Toilet plume is therefore one of the main transmission of diseases as pathogens found in your business and in the toilet water are being transported each time you flush the loo.

Therefore the easiest way to curb this explosion of bacteria is simple – close the lid.

If you aren’t grossed out enough yet, here are some equally valid reason as to why you should close the toilet lid:

  • Etiquette – We beg males to put the seat down, so why don’t we.
  • Practical – Nothing will accidentally fall into the toilet, it also avoids toddlers from reaching into the toilet bowl for a splash and dogs from quenching their thirst.
  • Aesthetic – A closed toilet is a lot more pleasing on the eye than one that is open.

So rubies it only takes two seconds to close the lid before flushing, and you could prevent the spread of all those nasty germs which potentially have landed up on your toothbrush. Click here to read how else you can avoid the transmission of toilet germs.

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