Do you support your Man in Building His Legacy? [WIN with Brut]

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? The idea of being one part of a power couple makes sense to many of us because mutual support is so important!

We want to know how you support and encourage your man in his success, and how he does for you too.
Building a legacy can mean something different to everyone, through family traditions, in the boardroom burning the midnight oil, or on the sports field. There are plenty ways of having each other’s back!

We believe that a legacy is what you leave behind when you leave the conversation. So, how do we support our men in building their legacy and success?


We’re giving away R2500 PLUS a Brut hamper.

To enter simply comment below and tell us how you and your partner work together in building a legacy? Be sure to include the following hashtags for a valid entry: #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

EXTRA ENTRY – share this article and tag your man to show him and remind him you are there for him and teamwork does make the dream work – #powercouple

Good luck rubies – and we can’t wait to hear more about how you and your man show up for each other!

Competition T&C: This competition is open to all South African residents and rubybox members only. The prize is a Brut hamper and R2500. The hamper cannot be exchanged for cash. The selected winner will need to have a physical South African delivery address and south African banking details. To enter you need to answer the above question and comment with your answer and above-mentioned hashtags. The winner will have 24 hours to acknowledge winning as well as confirm their delivery details and banking details. Should the winner fail to do this within 24 hours of being notified another winner will be selected in their place. The competition will close on 9/11/2020 and the winner will be announced on 10/11/2020. Judge’s decision is final. The hamper will be sent within 4 weeks of the competition closing)

268 thoughts on “Do you support your Man in Building His Legacy? [WIN with Brut]

  1. Dineo Ntjepela says:

    My man also happens to be my high school best friend. Its been 5 years since we left high school and we’ve been working on building a legacy for our future kids. He works really hard as a rowing coach for multiple schools and a university. He also sells herbalife , cleaning products and started his own clothing brand. I help him by handling the logistics and administrative duties of these businesses. I am also a law student and self taught makeup artist . Winning this for him would grant me the opportunity to spoil him and take him on a little get away because he definitely needs a break. #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

    • Albertinah Mashiloane says:

      My partner recently decided he no longer wants to work in corporate and therefore wants to focus on his fashion line business. I’ve been fully supportive as it is his dream and he’s doing so well with it overall.

      I’ve helped him set up an ecommerce store so that it’s easier for clients to purchase apparel online and have it delivered quicker. He has now officially registered the business and is in partnership with a number of brands as he does fashion buying as well. I post on my social media platforms to market his business for him. I enjoy being his hype man 😂❤ #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

      • Busisiwe Msimang says:

        We have been together for 44 years now. Before he went on pension he started a business in farming with vegetables, herbs, fruit trees as well as laying chickens for eggs. I’m the one running his business at home while he’s out playing golf. I always come with new ideas on how he can expand the business. He is doing very well. At the present moment he is looking for a bigger farm so that he can start with processing. When the business is not doing well he tends to give up but I always tell him that business has it’s highs and lows. #Rubybox

    • anelen.gumede says:

      I support my husband in everything he does, am his number one supporter since twelve years ago. He is a comrades marathon runner, i am always with him through the races, am his number cheer leader and i make sure he smells good during the race .We recently built rental property . We’ve been through so much but we still standing and fighting for a better future
      # Rubybox

    • Reabetswe Mosikare says:

      My man and I hustle hard together. We run a few businesses together and even those we don’t run together, we support each other on. I can’t tell you how many deliveries he has sent and collected for me. How many events of his o have attended. We’re doing this thing #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

      • teunice2 says:

        He is unemployed, takes kids to school on daily basis. He runs a small business where he manufacturers his own water Boiler Bucket, which brings an additional income to the house hold. I help him in promoting his business through social media, with a dream that one day we will have them branded and supply local stores.

        #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

    • Mandisa Sibisi says:

      Hubby and I met at tertiary, we didn’t know that life will put us together for life ❤, we always plan before the year starts on our next move and how we will achieve it , in the 13 years we have been together we opened a store , built a house of our children , have rental properties and currently breaking in to the transport business , it is not easy to build a legacy , but a good plan , communication , patience ,understanding , lots of love and reflection we build on 💙#rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

    • snkala says:

      My partner is an oncology nurse and therefore,he often needs psychological support to ease out mental pressure due to the nature of his work. Fortunately I am a clinical psychologist by profession, and this balances the nature of our relationship. As a result, we make a good team in life being each other’s pillar of strength and support, hence we play complimentary roles in our relationship. He loves working and helping people and he is always concerned with the welfare of the people. What a lifetime, better way to boost his confidence and legacy.
      #Rubybox Brut

      • Sibongiseni Nyamfu says:

        My partner and I met a week prior lockdown. He’s into construction and with my finance background I help him with the tax matters and sort his invoices and prepare his asset register and lease agreements. Although it’s been a few months since we’ve known each other he’s appreciating the support and is eager to learn more about finance through our engagement. Wish we could win the prize so that we could get a printer that has a scanner.
        #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

  2. Azuzile Mlungu says:

    #Rubybox BRUT
    I support my partner in every way,even if he’s stick on budget each and every time,no matter is hard I’m trying by all means to support him ,ad he got a smoll business and I’m trying the best to help him ,even if he want something I’ll make sure that I give him so that must get what he want and I’m very proud of helping him ,he trust me and I make sure he created a safe space.

  3. Chinyere Emeka says:

    I am very much involved in my husband building his legacy. I will say I am not only his wife but also his general manager. From managing the home front to his financial status. I can say with pride that I know when he has money and when he don’t. Because of the way we have been together for the past 10years in marriage and 15years in love. I helped to build him into the man he is today. His mother did well in moulding him into a responsible man, before me and I helped to build him into the visionary man he is today, who thinks of the cons and pros before embarking into anything in life. He is my number 1 man, and we complete/compliment each other. Because without him there is no me.

    • MissT says:

      Taking a journey together as one means a lot to us ,from supporting each other with our chronic illness and helping to raise our daughter made us to be closer.Hes my all-in-one man all the way#essensofman#brutformen

  4. Caroline Mphayi says:

    So my hubby and I are teaching our soon to be 3 years old daughter about our family trees, she’s still young but we thought we should start now, although the tree start with her grandparents from both our families but we decided it’s a good way to start now just so she understands why she has two grannies and two granpa. We also started a savings account for her and maybe for our second if we decide to have another child because my hubby really wants a boy. This also taught us to save for travelling, moving to a bigger house and also for business should we decide to start one
    Financial literacy is important and we thought we should include our daughter to learn how to save money, so we got her a piggy bank and should anything happen to me or my husband she will know how to work hard for herself and save money like we taught her.
    My husband would like to purchase a property in the near future so we help each by learning about how to invest in property and hopefully in the near future our children will also learn and always have a place to call home.

  5. Benni Thompson says:

    My Husband and I may not agree on many things, and in fact there are days that we can really drive each other crazy, as we are polar opposites in terms of our characters. But one thing that we will always agree on, will be the fierce love and support that we have for our Family and Close Friends. We are the go to Couple whenever a loved one is in trouble or needs our help with anything. We make a Fantastic Team when it comes to fighting for what is right, and the rights of others. Once we team up and band together, we build a wall of defence that nothing will bring down! I am proud of my Man and the strength he displays in not only the compassion he has for other fellow humans, but also the patience he has in dealing with me as his Fiery Partner!
    #rubybox #rubyboxBrut #EssenceOfMan #suitup

    • Lindiwe Masondo says:

      I believe that as much as our hubbies need emotional strength, sometimes a boost in finance is what they need. Needless to say, I try as much as I can to provide financial support by offering little things like dinners and gifts, which empowers my hubby to work harder knowing that I am there in case he falls back. I belive this changes a lot of things!!
      #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

    • Zulfa Van Diemen says:

      My Husband and myself co own a transport company and when lockdown started all things just collapsed but he made a way to find work during this tough time and I supported him through out and i stand by him no matter what disitions he made and still make . His somebody I will go to war with as he always make sure we as his family is taken care of. I’m extremely proud to tell people that’s my husband as his a man that never let failure destroy him cos he will try and try again untill he comes out on top. #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

  6. Beverley Carls says:

    Hubby and me have a yearly goal plan, this includes our vision and the mistakes we made in the previous years, We have 6 daughters, 3 our own and 3 we took in since my husband lost his brother so our lives changed dramatically in 3 years, we have always supported each other over the 15 years together, We build, we break but we build again. We always add fun to our home as a family. We support and encourage each other daily and remind each other what we sacrificing for. We motivate each other, give constructive critic and build on it. we give each other space (thinking time). We don’t have quarrels we don’t fight we talk it through immediately. We the best of friends, we do the most together and always show our girls what Love is all about. We sacrifice time, we always pray together and Love each other through the good and bad. we share with others even when its our last, we give support to our immediate families as we are the only ones to take care of our families. We serve others and we have one Goal – to stay Married and in love and to always do our best regardless of the sacrifices. #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

  7. Belinda Mokhanda says:

    When me and my now husband got back together after been separated for 5 years, we were both unemployed, living at our parents houses. We had two kids prior to our break-up and we weren’t married yet. Most people told us our relationship will not work out because so many things would be difficult for us, like taking care of our kids. My husband refused to accept that for our reality and he began to hustle to take care of his family. He used to sell clothes and shoes, walking around the whole day, just to make sure that we are taken cared off. Sometimes he would walk around the whole day, just to make a sale of R50. His feet had turned hard underneath and I would always rub them. Many people told me that I should be ashamed of him but I knew we would improve our circumstances. After a year, he finally got a job at an international organization and he was the best at his work because the time he spent hustling on the street taught him endurance and salesmanship. We were able to get married, move in to our home and have our only son. We are constantly showing our kids love and what support means and hope they will learn from our struggles. My husband is a true hustler and I am proud.

    #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

    • myeniangieangie says:

      I and my husband own a construction company “classic vision” l do the marking and HR part and he does the rest, We understand our rolls in building our legacy with the hope that one day it with be our children’s, We are a hand and a glove, we support each other HOLISTICALLY , emotional, physical, social and spiritual, l offer him support as much as l can, Corona pandemic has changed our life in so many different ways, this has affected us financially, physically and emotionally, This is the time we needed each other more than ever, We stood together encouraging, helping and understanding the situation we are facing, With that we strengthened our relationship, therefore he is my hero.#POWERCOUPLE

    • Dineo Chuene says:

      I have been together with my now husband for 10 years. I have learnt a lot from him. Patience, giving and always being willing to learn. We now have a company together named Phashair projects. As he has excellent selling skills and knowledge, I am more focused on keeping the journals balancing. We are building this for our kids and intend to make it our family legacy. Creating wealth accounts for them. 🌼 #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

  8. Andronica Nemasisi says:

    I support my partner in rash and every thing that he do, .We currently lost a baby and it was not easy as a man loosing his first child ,He is forever emotional and as a woman I need to make that I support him fully, it’s hard but we trying so hard to overcome this,I support him emotionally,physically and spiritually,that is why people called us a power couple..

  9. Zimbini Mtongana says:

    A year ago, my man and I lost our baby at 28 weeks due to stress/depression related issues. We’ve had each other’s backs and we’re our legacy by actively supporting a local center for women and mothers suffering from depression and anxiety – where we even raise funds and participate in weekend activities at the center. His been so selfless and I help by managing his admin at his company when he feels overwhelmed. He would really appreciate this gift! #Rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceofMan #SuitUp

    • Mikateko ndlovu says:

      1. Through Prayers, I believe that nothing beats the power of prayer. I want him to be successful so the best way for me is to pray for him, I want God to be the foundation of everything that he is and everything that he touches
      2. Emotional Support, What He is doing requires a lot of patience and just like life, everything has its own downs, sometimes He gets frustrated. I am always there to listen, always there to encourage. He does the same because we are both trying to work out this life.
      3. He created a safe space for me in his life that where I lack, he provides. Where He lacks, I provide. We believe that by having each other’s back and knowing our weaknesses and strengths will help us build a Happy healthy Legacy.
      #rubybox #rubyboxBrut #EssenceOfMan #suitup

    • viwesokopo says:

      My husband works as a Fiels Sales Manager, that means that he has to be up in the wee hours of the morning to pick up his Sales Agent and go to the field to work. I can safely say that I am his back bone, he is the head and I am the neck. I wake up 30 minutes earlier to run him a bath, make him lunch and iron his clothes. Every evening I assist him with his paperwork and I assist him with scanning and submitting it. He works very long hours and I TRUST #Brut to help him in smelling fresh for the whole day and also assist him in feeling confident.
      We have been married for more than 12 years, it hasn’t been a bed of Roses. We have gone to bed with no food because we were both unemployed. So, now hubby has lost his confidence, luckily for me #TheEssenceOfMan comes through to boost it.

    • shazmd037 says:

      #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT #EssenceOfMan #SuitUp

      John first asked me out in 2001 and at the time I felt the relationship would be inappropriate so I refused to date him. He was one of the leaders in church. (Stupid reasoning right lol!) We moved on with our lives and got married to different people. In 2019 we reconnected and through our first conversation, we both realised that we had been divorced for almost the same number of years. A spark was immediately ignited and we agreed to date. We both have 2 children each from our previous marriages and we wanted one more child. So we became pregnant but, unfortunately, we lost our Shannon (still-birth in June 2020) due to severe pre-eclampsia.

      It was a very painful experience also seeing as we lost Shannon a day after John’s birthday. I know he will find it difficult to celebrate his birthdays in the coming years but I believe our love and support for each other will see us though it all. The loss really brought us closer together as a family and I treasure that. The children still want us to have another child hahahaha.

      We’re a beautifully blended family. Our children are great and if you didn’t know that they are from previous marriages then you wouldn’t even notice it! We love them the same.

      John and I are dreamers. We dream big! He recently started a side gig that assists foreigners to register their businesses in South Africa. John usually comes up with so many business ideas and I support him by administrating each one of them. He runs all these ideas by me before executing them because he believes I have the ability to see beyond what he can. He says I have that magic touch, lol. I’m his right hand. Though I work from home while he makes use of the office at the company he works, we work so well together. We talk throughout the day when we’re apart such that you would think we would run out of stories to tell after hours lol.

      Over the years I had lost my drive and he helped me to reclaim it. He assisted me in writing up all my ideas and also registered my group of companies: Shale07 World (Pty) Ltd. The companies under this are such a mixed bag and require carefulness in executing them. He supports me by giving me business advise and helps with marketing strategies. John is my go-to person and I am his right hand. We lift each other.

      We have such an amazing friendship such that I am the first person he shares news with and vice versa. I pray for him and at times we pray together too. I share some of our plans with the children and we pray together (and separately too) for God’s guidance in executing the plans.

      We have managed to create such united fronts with our children and in business. I have so much to talk about how we support each other but to say the least, we are one hell of a team and evidently so, trust me. We are deeply in love too.

  10. gnomvula61 says:

    I support my partner in every way, especially in managing he’s finances cause you know how man are they don’t wanna stick to their budget, I support him to stick to his budget each and everytime, it’s hard bt I’m trying my best for him to save save save. He’s also very supportive to me in my small business that I have we growing it together.

    • lindiwealbright85 says:

      I support my partner in every way I can as he’s running his small business as a carpenter. Every decision we take together. Also I’m taking care of his finances always making sure that everything balances all the time. I’m will be very humbled if he can receive the Brut so he can be on his game whenever we meeting with our clients. #rubybox #rubyboxBRUT#Essence of men#SuitUp

      • mbamboz129 says:

        Definitely because we have been together for years and the essence of man requires a womans boost. I would be impressed if he can get brut because of it smells really great

        • booysenfd says:

          My husband has always been a procrastinator that resulted in him losing out on many opportunities. This is the one trait I noticed about him and when we once had a heart to heart talk with him I found out he has self esteem issues and very self conscious. I am total opposite of him I’m a straight talker a go getter I make friends easily. I then realised if I could merge our personalities something bomb will come out and it did. I’m proud to say due to my constant encouragement my husband is studying part time Diploma in Production Management he started at the age of 41 and I have been buy his side always. He is a straight A student and his confidences levels have sky rocketed I’m super proud of him.

          • lukiegola says:

            I support my Man in everyday possible , we have been dating for 8 years now 🥰 we have a business together which we both started and have worked together to make a success. He is my best friend , my support system and my Everyday crush I love him soooo much

          • millicentmhlongo says:

            My husband Is using the Brut products since he started working more than 30 yrs ago. It smells good and not allergic to his skin.It is affordable in price and has improved with flavours.The essence is nice..He has so much confidence and proud of himself.
            #Ruby box
            #Suit up

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