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9 thoughts on “Deep Cleaning Hacks

  1. natashastewart2014 says:

    Wow these are real useful hacks!☺ Using Lemon and water to clean the microwave and it wipes away dirt AMAZING. Love the easy way to Cleaning brushes. Unclogging a drain wow with a hanger AWESOME. Cleaning rust with grapefruit and kosher salt leaving a shiny surface LOVE THIS☺ One can make your own bathroom spray WOW first I have seen of this should try it. I always thought where is that burning smell coming from, thanks for showing how it can be cleaned now. Baking Soda is really a good cleaning product even for hot irons I LOVE IT. Make-up brush cleaning I must get to doing it for sure. Deep cleaning cutting board LOVE the fact natural products being used coarse sea salt, lemon and coconut oil. Lol one always struggles with fluff in the broom COOL IDEA a broom cleaning dustpan. DIY grout cleaner FANTASTIC hack. Oven window clean up REALLY AWESOME when it gets hard wipes away all the dirt and grime. Thanks for sharing this informative video☺