Dating Apps to Kickstart Your Virtual Romance

Dating Apps to Kickstart Your Virtual Romance

Dating, in general, has become incredibly difficult over the years with so many new obstacles popping up everywhere. Now throw in self-isolation and it’s a real party. Yeah right! As for online dating, it’s a jungle out there. With so many different options to choose from who knows what the best choice is when it comes to putting yourself out there on the virtual dating web.

Some might think that these dating apps are just used for a fun one night stand but studies have shown that the majority of respondents using these apps are people that are actually trying to find a steady relationship. Some users find themselves spending 191 minutes of their time searching for matches. Guys we know during lockdown we have ample time to ourselves but come on!

Let’s find out the best dating app options on the market. Tried and tested of course in order to help you find your perfect match.


You match and have 24 hours to get the first word out before that match disappears. That’s a lot of pressure, am I right?  Instead of waiting to be approached like most women like to do, Bumble insists that the women make the first move putting the ball in your court for once. To add Bumble is the first app to have launched video chat and voice call features. So depending on how you are feeling you could be bold with virtual drinks or take it slow either way remember you make the first move.


This app lets you customize your dating profile to add three key bits of personal information. Hinge claims that by doing this it will help you find someone more real. A great thing about this is that people are able to tell a bit more from potential matches profiles. The only pressure with this is making sure you come across as a witty, fun go-getter that anyone would die to spend time with. A cool feature they have just added is “Date from Home” which allows the person to flag when they are ready for a virtual date. But just like other apps, the person won’t know you are a match until they’ve done the same. Give it a try what could go wrong.


Tinder is the most widely used online dating app and that’s no secret. If you are looking for a wide host of options, Tinder is definitely your app. Watch out for catfishers though there are plenty and on a side note 4 in 5 profiles either feature men with their cute fur friend or are naked torsos. You have been warned!


This dating app is perfect if you are looking for a safe space to meet a community of likeminded women in group chats, at online events, or to discuss various topics from LGBTQ or just general happenings going on in the world. HER is great for this.


The Inner Circle is very self-explanatory in that it’s a super-selective process. In this dating app, you will be screening fuller profiles that showcase everything from hobbies to past holidays. Either way, you are guaranteed to find someone who is more willing to be in a serious relationship here.

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  1. Nontsikelelo 'Ntsiki' K. says:

    Hey RubyBox

    I did try one or two but I was mostly matched with people I didn’t think were right for me…..also it was just time consuming to check all the messages received…I eventually decided online dating is not for me.