Could Mr.Right Actually Be Mr.Wrong

The majority of us have all dated the self-proclaimed “nice” guy who in actually fact turns out to be a jealous narcissist.

So how do you tell if the so called “nice” guy you are dating is genuinely nice or not?

Well we have put together warning signs to look out for if you are unsure about the guy you are dating.

He Says Mean Things In A Nice Manner – If he is known to often make a rude comment and then cover it up with “I was only joking”, we suggest you monitor this because if it is a regular occurrence it is fair to say he is certainly a nice guy in disguise.

Pulls The Cold Shoulder – You may be flattered that he wants to share every waking moment with you, but what matters is how he responds when you share your time with others. A great guy would express his disappointment but would still want you to have a good time. On the other hand if he is giving you the cold shoulder or a guilt trip for going to coffee with a friend over him it is time to call it quits.

Keeps Buying You Gifts – But the thing is these gifts are totally not your style. This might be a reason to question his motives, because he might very well be trying to change your appearance under the disguise of generosity.

You Make All The Decisions – If he always relies on you when it comes to making decisions such as where to go and what to do, this could actually be more so of a red flag than flattering. Healthy relationships allow for both parties to express their own wants while considering the input of their partner. Therefore if a guy agrees to everything you so or do, he is either not really interested or bothered or he doesn’t have a good sense of who he is.

Talks Badly About His Ex – If he talks bad about his ex’s there is a great possibility he will do the same if you guys were to break up. There are two sides to every story and someone who paints themselves as the victim in every breakup they have been through is likely not telling the whole truth.

He Keeps Tabs On You – The occasional check-in here and there when you are apart is totally normal and okay. But if he is constantly keeping tabs of you that is a huge red flag. This indicates that he is either a very jealous person or battles with insecurities in your relationship.

He Has Strained Relationships – If he treats other women in his life poorly, or speaks ill of them this is a clear indicator that there is a not so nice guy lurking around. We suggest you proceed with caution if he has a pattern of strained relationships with other women in his life yet claims to adore you.

Ultimately it is important to learn to trust your gut, only you truly know your partner and whether their intentions are genuine or not.


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One thought on “Could Mr.Right Actually Be Mr.Wrong

  1. Nthabiseng S. says:

    Wow great informative article. My man keeps tabs on me,checks my 4un who called or not and he says he’s insecure and that i might up and leave cause yes not working,i might find someone better.i understand but sometimes gets mad when he’s going through my 4un trying to find if am cheating or not.its really frustrating