Blogger Of The Month: Shahnaz Loves Beauty

We’ve done work with her many times, so you’ve definitely seen her before on rubybox, which is why we are very happy to have Shahnaz as our November 2018 Blogger of the Month.




Her blog ‘Shahnaz Loves Beauty’, is a gorgeous platform for all things beauty, make-up, skin and fashion. (To see more from Shahnaz check out her blog here or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.)


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Shahnaz was born in London but lives and works in Cape Town as a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.

Her obsession with makeup came when she fell pregnant with her first child, she had always loved makeup, but never considered it as a career. She fell in love instantly and that is how it all began.

She has trained in Cape Town and London and was lucky enough to train with an amazing teacher that taught her how to create beautiful dewy flawless skin, the power of contouring and highlighting and how to break down every makeup look step by step.

“I love how makeup transforms the face and how you can use a product such as a pigment for the eye and apply to the lips for an extra dimension. Makeup is all about experimenting and altering how you look whether it be subtle or extreme. With makeup came hair as I realised it was key to do both.”

Shahnaz has a very impressive record and has shot with very talented photographers including doing work for Elle SA, Marie Claire SA, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, as well as, local brands, including a Revlon beauty campaign.


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She created the blog Shahnaz Loves Beauty to share key trends, how to create looks, video tutorials and products she loves.

“So many women struggle with makeup and hair, what products to use and how to do their makeup. I hope my blog is a help and inspires to get creative and try out some of my looks.”


To see more from Shahnaz check out her blog here or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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