Best comedies on Netflix right now – heaven knows we need it!

Best Comedies on Netflix Right NOW

2020 am I right?! Nothing has gone quite as we expected it would this year and with there being a glimmering hope that things might go back to normal sometime in the not so very future why not find other ways to keep ourselves entertained and laughing even if it’s only for a little while.

Here are the best comedies currently being shown on Netflix from comedy series to big Hollywood films we have covered them all. And trust us they are guaranteed to get you laughing and feeling more hopeful with regards to anything 2020.

Modern Family

Netflix just recently graced us with this classic comedy series dropping all six seasons for us to enjoy. If you didn’t watch it when it first aired 10 years ago, you have some real catching up to do and there is no better time then now.

 Dolemite Is My Name

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6/10 : 🇫🇷Eddy Murphy signe son grand retour dans cette histoire incroyable avec des scènes cultes qui a permis à Rudy Ray Moore d’engendrer 10 millions de dollars de recette dans les années 1970 avec son film "Dolemite ". Ce film était considéré comme un navet par la presse. Un film Netflix sympathique mais qui ne réalise pas un véritable portrait du héros. Ce film est surtout un beau prétexte pour offrir un rôle en or à Eddie Murphy pour un possible retour sur le marché hollywoodien. * 🇬🇧Eddy Murphy makes his comeback in this incredible story with cult scenes, that allowed Rudy Ray Moore to generate $10 M in revenue from this movie set in the 70s; “Dolemite". The movie was considered a turnip by the press…A nice Netflix movie but one that doesn’t capture the real portrait of a hero. This movie is above all a good pretext which offers Murphy a golden opportunity for a possible return to the Hollywood scene. * #dolomite #dolomiteismyname #eddymurphy ##rudyraymoore #film #movie #filmreview #frenchmovie #filmcritic #filmcritique #moviefan #movielover #moviereview #cinema #cinephile #cine #theater #instareview #instamovies #critique #critiquefilm #villeurbanne #lyon #france #2019

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Staring the funny Eddie Murphy, this movie is a real crowd-pleaser. This film is based on Rudy Ray Moore, the Blaxploitation film star who changed the industry. We are still in shock that it didn’t clean up during awards season because no one does it better than Eddie Murphy.

Legally Blonde

Who doesn’t love this pop classic, where Reese Witherspoon plays a Harvard Law applicant blessed us with all things pink and the classic “Bend and Snap”. This movie is the ultimate feel-good feminist inspiration we need right now.


This one is a real treat and if you don’t start binge-watching the six seasons available on Netflix right now you are seriously missing out. This series focuses on Brooklyn’s 99th precinct and is guaranteed to having you LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

21 Jump Street

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yeah i know the miranda rights

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This film is just one of those on the list that we could watch over and over again and still find it as hilariously funny as the first time. These comedy kings Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are the most unlikely cop duo in this film while going undercover as high school students in an attempt to bring down a drug ring.

Dead to Me

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this can’t be good, right @strangerthingstv?

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 We are hooked to this series. It’s a real nail biter of a series and gets more and more complicated the more you watch. However, on that note, it is also hilarious and has plenty of secrets. The perfect match for the dark comedy fans.


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Monica didn’t sign up for this…

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How can we not add this to the list? And don’t pretend like you aren’t already re-watching this series, we see you. But, in all seriousness, this list would not be complete without Friends. Nothing says hilarious friends group like Friends.


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So rubies have any of you been binging these series and movies recently? Let us know in the comments section below.

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