Beau Voyage

‘tis the season to be traveling and we certainly can’t wait for a change of scenery and an escape from the daily grind. But anything from cabin pressure to a change in climate can wreak havoc on your skin. And staying fresh faced on the journey itself? A whole new (and very difficult) ball game.

1. It’s not easy maintaining a 5 step skincare routine on the road, and frankly who has the luggage space or muscles to haul their full complement of beauty products with them on holiday? Rather go for room-saving trial-sized beauty essentials that really pack a punch.

2. Take the “red” out of your red-eye flight by applying a white eyeliner on the inner corners and rims of your eyes, and lots of mascara on your top lashes when you arrive at your destination.

3. The cabin pressure and stale air on a long-haul flight can be super drying, so prepare your skin the night before your trip with a deeply hydrating mask or rich face cream. On the flight, drink plenty of water, keep a good hand cream with you and keep apply frequently.

4. Are you a wash-my-hair-daily kinda gal? If your roots are prone to grey, a quick spray of dry shampoo to your roots during the journey will keep your locks looking fresh and oil-free.

5. Stay subtle. Skip the bright nail polish just this once and opt for a nude, light pink or clear varnish instead. Brightly coloured nail polish chips quickly, which just looks scruffy.

6. Fact: you’re over a hundred times more likely to catch a cold on a plane than on land. Airplanes, trains and buses, mean confined exposure to an abundance of air-born germs and bacteria, which is why you should try avoid touching your face while you travel to minimise breakouts, keep a hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly, and don’t neglect your daily vitamins while on the go.

7. Take your cleanser with you. Although it’s fine to mix and match hair and body products and moisturisers for the sake of space or convenience, you should avoid swapping your cleanser while you’re on holiday. The change in environment, diet and contact to a new host of germs can easily irritate the skin, so avoid the extra stress on your skin by keeping your cleanser constant.

8. Less means more. Airline protocol restricts the amount of liquids you can take on a flight which can be frustrating, and limiting when it comes to your skincare and makeup options. Take more of your favourite beauty essentials with you into the cabin when you swap your full sized products for more travel-friendly sizes. Sticking to your beauty regime and the airline regulations? A win-win situation.

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